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Guild Trader
Home City Rimmen
Location Rimmen Outlaws Refuge
Store Hidden Treasures
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Guild Trader
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Begok is an Orc guild trader who runs the Hidden Treasures guild kiosk within the Rimmen Outlaws Refuge.


  • "You think the Jovial Lambasters would be interested in letting me join? I mean, I have a lot of experience. Admittedly, most of that experience is in sales …."
  • "Sure, the guild pays me well. But those Jovial Lambasters do more than pay well. Way I hear it, there's quite a few perks to being part of their gang."
  • "I pay my dues to the Jovial Lambasters, just like everyone else in this refuge. And if you're smart? You'll do the same."