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Location On the western edge of the Dhalmora Plantation
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Batuus is an Argonian worker found in the plantations west of the town of Dhalmora.

After his rescue, he can be found in the square to the east of the Dhalmora Hall of Merchants with the other rescued workers.

Related Quests[edit]


"I'm no blademaster. What do they want of me?"
What's going on out here?
"Covenant raiders are burning the fields. They've trapped me in the tall grass.
Please, thete are others out here. You have to find Nolu-Azza Vudeelal, and Wenaxi!"
I'll find them, Batuus.

If you started the quest from another worker and find Batuus:

"Please, my scales are slick. Don't send me to Sithis."
The path back to town should be clear.
"I'll dance on the water-thank you."

Back at Dhalmora:

"Where did the Covenant come from?"

After the quest:

"You are the sun on my scales. I will think of you every day at evening meditation."