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Home Settlement Silent Mire
Location Mournhold
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Azeenus is an Argonian found in the settlement of Silent Mire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Azeenus is enraged by the marauding Renrijra pirates and their actions. He lusts for revenge, and enlists your aid in helping him achieve it.

"Flea-bitten, mangy Khajiit!
Those opportunistic, vile, simpering creatures are unworthy of the lives they possess!"
What are you doing out here?
"I'm watching the pirates and letting my anger rise like the ocean at high tide!
The Khajiit must pay for their attack on our village, but my courage hasn't yet reached the level of my anger. I demand vengeance!"
What would you have me do?
"Burn their boats, kill the bastards, but most of all, get their wretched captain! I want Captain Sa'dir dead! He sleeps in his ship's rigging while we suffer. Ring the ship's warning bell to wake the cur.
Here. Use this torch to burn their boats."
I'll do what you ask.

You can continue speaking with him.

"There's nothing more to be said. Please do this for me, stranger."
You seem more willing to take action than some of the others here.
"So, you've met the Argonians of Silent Mire. Peaceful, meditative, calm, accepting. Well, not me!
Our home was attacked, my friends killed. Of course I'm angry! Vengeance will make me feel better, so pile those cat corpses high!"

Turning in the quest:

"You look a little bloodstained. Smells like Khajiiti blood. Smells like ... victory!"
The pirate captain is dead.
"Then perhaps you understand how delicious revenge can be. Every insult and every slight must be returned in kind.
You honor us, friend. Take this and kill any who may wrong you!"

After the quest:

"My vengeance is sated."