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Alves Droth
Home City Vivec City
Location Saint Delyn Plaza
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Alves Droth

Alves Droth is a Dunmer functionary who is investigating a series of thefts from tax offices. She can be found in Saint Delyn Plaza in Vivec City and can be asked for information to help recover what was stolen.

Related Quests[edit]


Before the related quest:

"This is not a good time for a chat. Excuse me."

During the related quest:

"Short by more than a third. Someone is going to pay - that goes without question, but who?
Oh! Sorry, I'm a bit preoccupied. Did you need something?"
I was told you have information about the stolen taxes?
"Oh! So you're going after them? That's great. That's great! Yes, anything I can do to help you!
What do you want to know?"
Stolen taxes I understand, but why the records?
"Does seem odd, doesn't it? The first time, I thought it was an attempt to cover up fraud, but now I have another theory. I think the thieves are probing our records for wealthy marks. This could be the start of a rash of high profile robberies!"
What should I expect in the way of resistance?
"I don't have much in the way of specifics, but the fact that the tax offices were raided in several regions in a relatively short period of time, I'd say they have numbers."
Where should I start looking?
"Didn't they say? Why does no one read my reports?
Pulk. I believe the thieves are hiding out in Pulk."
What makes you so certain that's where they are?
"Educated guess, mostly. It's an ideal location for a band of outlaws to hole up that's convenient to the regions that were robbed.
What cinched it for me though, was a witness who identified their leader as Bralsa Inlador. She's wanted in Zainab."

Quest Turn-In:

"I've been pacing a hole in the floor since you left. It's maddening having to rely entirely on the aid of strangers. And more than a little embarrassing.
Tell me you found our shortfall?"
I have the stolen taxes and records right here.
"Oh, thank the Three. If I had to tell the Temple we might have to delay construction of Vivec City … well, Veloth isn't the only saint I'll be honoring tonight.
Safe travels, friend."


"Oh! This is not a good time for a chat. Excuse me."