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Home City Port Hunding
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Abdahel is a Redguard found in Port Hunding near Captain Kaleen's Hideout. He speaks to Meleril about going to Saintsport, but she tells him that there's scum there and insists on staying in Port Hunding.

Abdahel: "I tire of sitting here, Meleril. We should head to Saintsport."
Meleril: "Why?"
Abdahel: "This waiting rots my limbs and wearies my mind."
Meleril: "They're scum over there. They just lure ships onto the rocks and strip the wrecks."
Abdahel: "All true, Meleril. Yet at least we would earn coin."
Meleril: "You go if you want. I'm staying here and waiting for a ship."
Abdahel: "Peace, Meleril. No call for such talk. I remain and will pray for patience."