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Initial Inhabitants[edit]

The notes section in Oblivion:Trolls of Forsaken Mine and Oblivion:Forsaken Mineprovide contrasting information about whether the corpses will appear before the quest or not. Ankoch 21:14, 15 June 2008 (EDT)

Thanks. Now corrected. –RpehTCE 01:08, 16 June 2008 (EDT)


The text lists Eduard Hodge's corpse at location Q, yet the map lacks any such marker. ~~Lady Grey


The letters marking dead bodies seem to be missing from both maps.Ponku 22:32, 14 June 2010 (UTC)

I've decided to fix this problem myself it will be done soon.Ponku 23:01, 14 June 2010 (UTC)Ponku
I fixed the first map but do to a small lag i experienced I accidentally reverted it 3 times. sorry about that. Ponku 23:14, 14 June 2010 (UTC)Ponku
I just finished adding the letters to the map so the problem is solved. Ponku 23:42, 14 June 2010 (UTC)Ponku
I've re-uploaded two new versions: we use a standard set of letters and circles, and yours were inconsistent. Check out my changes to see them; if you have any questions or wish to have some overlays, feel free to ask. --SerCenKing Talk 14:33, 7 July 2010 (UTC)