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Demo 6, showing the Dremora Kynval emerging from the Oblivion Gate and attacking the Imperial Legionnaire Captain.

In May 2005, Bethesda Softworks exhibited Oblivion at E3. The demos shown included an early version of the Tutorial, tests of exteriors and dungeons and early versions of Chorrol and Kvatch. Most of this content has been deleted from the game - all that remains of it is the quest itself (named E3 demo quest in the game files), a loading screen used at the demo, the early version of Kvatch, a marker in the Imperial Prison for the E3 quest and some old voice files from back when Jeff Baker was voicing the Imperials (Wes Johnson did not get hired until later in the process).

The character used in these videos was a level 1 Imperial male battlemage called Bendu Olo, who had 10,000 health, magicka and fatigue.


Demo 1[edit]

The first video was an almost 1:1 copy of the intro sequence, except Glenroy was voiced by Jeff Baker.

Demo 5[edit]

This video shows an early version of Chorrol, beginning with a conversation between two NPCs cut from the final game, Nelos Soleno and Marus Antonius (both voiced by Jeff Baker using the Morrowind voices for their respective races), before the player speaks to Marus and gets news of the attack on Kvatch. He then goes to Renoit's Books and speaks to Estelle Renoit, also demonstrating an early version of the Persuasion minigame. Estelle then invites the player to the upstairs area of the shop, where we are introduced to her dog Thunder (also cut from the game). Estelle practices archery for a bit, then begins to read a book before she becomes fed up with Thunder's incessant whining and paralyses him. She then goes to sleep, but the spell she cast on Thunder has worn off, and the dog cries again before Estelle lights it on fire, then tells the player he needs to leave. The player then decides to fast-travel to Kvatch, showing that fast travel from indoor areas was possible at this point in the game, and that the city of Sutch had not yet been cut (an early map of Cyrodiil featuring Sutch is seen).

Demo 6[edit]

This video shows the player assisting Imperial Legionnaires in defeating clannfears and a daedroth. A Dremora Kynval then appears from an Oblivion Gate and talks to the Captain before the player defeats him.

Content remaining in the game[edit]

The quest and the version of Kvatch used in Demo 6 still exist and can be activated by typing coc e3kvatchstart in the console. Some of Baker's voice files for Glenroy still exist in the game files, and can be accessed if Glenroy's race is switched to Redguard.