Oblivion:Carbo's Camp

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Carbo's Camp
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Console Location Code(s)
Nibenay Basin
South of Cheydinhal
Carbo's Camp

Carbo's Camp is a campsite south of Cheydinhal containing bandits.

Carbo's Camp is a small campsite at the foot of the Valus Mountains, inhabited by bandits; it is surrounded by the beautiful Nibenay Basin with a breathtaking view over the Corbolo River to the northeast and the ominous Dark Fissure up the hill to the east, meaning that the Shade of the Revenant can be admired once a week. It contains two tents with bedrolls, an unlit fireplace with some assorted pottery and two sacks, one containing food and one containing minor loot. Three Monkshood plants can be found behind the tents, while four Bergamot plants, two Peony flowers and one Lavender bush can be found around a boulder near the camp. Another Lavender bush can be found further uphill, under the shelter of a Willow Oak.


  • 1-2 Campsite Bandits (each 50% probability melee Bandit, 25% archer Bandit, 12.5% Bandit Hedge Wizard, 12.5% dog)


  • 1 Camp Sack
  • 1 Food Sack (containing up to 4 food items)
  • 2 bedrolls