Morrowind:The Vampire Merta

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Kill this former member of the clan in the Reloth Ancestral Tomb.
Quest Giver: Raxle Berne at Galom Daeus
Location(s): Reloth Ancestral Tomb
Reward: Berne Amulet, access to Berne Clan's cattle
ID: VA_VampCountess
Merta's Lair, the Reloth Ancestral Tomb

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Raxle Berne.
  2. Travel to Reloth Ancestral Tomb.
  3. Slay the vampire Merta.
  4. Return to Berne to receive the Berne Amulet.
  5. Slay 12 vampires of the Quarra and Aundae bloodlines.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Raxle has use for you[edit]

The Vampire Ancient Raxle Berne, in the Dwemer Observatory Galom Daeus, will ask you to kill the vampire Merta who left the clan.

The Vampire Merta[edit]

Merta can be found at the end of the small Reloth Ancestral Tomb, west of Maar Gan (southeast of Khuul). Return to Raxle when Merta is dead to receive a recall amulet that teleports you back to Galom Daeus.

But wait, there is more[edit]

Raxle Berne will then tell you that you might receive further reward if you kill several 'worthless' vampires belonging to the Quarra and Aundae clans. Raxle will not give you explicit vampires to kill, but merely request that you return to him once you've killed at least 12 vampires. You can kill any vampires you found in the Druscashti ruins that you visited previously. Lower-level vampires can also be found in the Dulo Ancestral Tomb (just west of Galom Daeus) and other places. Any vampires that you killed previously do not count towards the 12. If you kill any of your own clan during the quest, you will need to kill that many extra from the other clans.

Return to Raxle to receive permission to heal yourself using the Clan's cattle (via the Vampire Touch spell). Just be sure not to actually kill any of them. This is the last Berne specific quest you receive from Raxle.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Vampire Merta (VA_VampCountess)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have spoken again with Raxle Berne about serving the Berne clan. He has told me of a powerful vampire named Merta living near Maar Gan. She was once a member of the Berne Clan, but broke all ties with them. Now, she lives as a rogue, but wealthy and powerful. Berne wants this rogue dead, and will allow me to try and kill this "Bloody Countess."
20 I have agreed to kill Merta for Raxle Berne. If I do, he says he will reward me well for my efforts. He suggests I search the Reloth tomb to the west of Maar Gan for this rogue.
30 I have decided not to try and kill the vampire Merta.
40 I have killed the vampire Merta.
50 I returned to Raxle Berne and told him of my success in killing Merta. He seemed pleased, and gave me the Berne Amulet in return for my service. It will allow me to return to Galom Daeus if I need to. He has also told me that I might receive further reward if I am able to kill great numbers of vampires in the opposing clans.
60 ☑Finishes quest Because I have been able to kill a large number of Quarra and Aundae vampires, Raxle Berne has allowed me the use of the Berne cattle here in Galom Daeus, provided I kill none of them. If I do, I will no longer be welcome in Galom Daeus, and will be attacked on sight.
70 ☑Finishes quest Because I have killed some of the cattle, I have lost the privilege of using them for food.
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