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The Covenant
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Proprietor Thaeril
Console Location Code(s)
Tel Mora, The Covenant
Tel Mora, [13,14]
The Covenant

The Covenant is an inn in Tel Mora. The publican Thaeril offers food, drinks, and beds to all visitors, even men. Both Natesse and Borwen offer training in Sneak, Block, and Medium Armor. On the second floor room, there is a bowl of moon sugar on the table, as well as a copy of The Pilgrim's Path. Also upstairs is a total of twenty gold sitting on a table next to a locked chest. There seems to be no need to pay for the bed; there are no locked doors in The Covenant, and the bed is behind a screen in a room without any NPCs.

The bar in The Covenant


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Borwen Female Bosmer Scout Ashlanders Hearthfriend(Hearthfriend) 9 95 98 0 30 Trainer
Natesse Female Bosmer Scout Thieves Guild Wet Ear(Wet Ear) 7 80 94 0 30 Trainer
Thaeril Female Bosmer Publican 6 56 116 100 30 Merchant