Morrowind:Sun Damage

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MW-icon-effect-Sun Damage.jpg Sun Damage
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 1
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Mantle of WoeBM

Sun Damage M points

This effect is given by becoming a vampire. It causes the victim damage when exposed to sunlight, the amount of which depends on the time of day and the weather. Between 8pm and 6am, there will be no damage at all. The highest damage occurs around noon to 1pm. When there is cloud cover, the damage is halved. It has no effect at all when indoors, even if there are windows.

The necromancy-related Bloodmoon artifact Mantle of Woe also includes this enchantment.


  • Normally, this is only relevant to you. Other vampires are affected by this as well, but they are invariably found indoors. However, a Command Humanoid spell can be a sneaky way of getting vampires outside to kill them without getting your hands dirty. Possibly more trouble than it's worth, though.
  • Sun Damage isn't affected by the Resist Magicka spell effect.

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