Morrowind:Sorkvild the Raven (person)

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Sorkvild the Raven (sorkvild the raven)
Home Town Dagon Fel
Location Sorkvild's Tower
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 12 Class Battlemage
Other Information
Health 107 Magicka 128
Alarm 90 Fight 90
Sorkvild the Raven

Sorkvild the Raven is a Nord battlemage who resides in his tower just east of Dagon Fel. His notoriety as a necromancer has made him a target of the Imperial Legion. If you kill him, the townsfolk will thank you and remark that people seem "at ease" since his death.

He is wearing an expensive robe, an amulet of mighty blows, a belt of nimbleness, and a pair of bonemold boots. He is wielding a leveled axe, and he is carrying the Masque of Clavicus Vile. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows the following spells: Crushing Burden Touch, Weary, Tinur's Hoptoad, Strong Levitate, Summon Least Bonewalker, Summon Scamp, Strength Leech, Shockbloom, Poisonbloom, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Storm, Commanding Touch, Almsivi Intervention, Divine Intervention, Soul Trap, Telekinesis, and Summon Skeletal Minion.

Related Quests[edit]

Imperial Legion[edit]


If you manage to calm him, Sorkvild has some unique dialogue.

  • Dagon Fel: "The locals haven't shown an appreciation of my unique talents."
  • necromancy: "No matter what the locals say, the practice is not outlawed by the Empire, you should know that. They have nothing to fear of me."
  • Sorkvild the Raven: "Speaking."


  • Despite his reputation, he is not in the necromancer class.