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Smokey Morth (smokey morth)
Home City Vos
Location Varo Tradehouse
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Level 8 Class Sorcerer
Other Information
Health 70 Magicka 134
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Smokey Morth

Smokey Morth is a Bosmer sorcerer who is located at Varo Tradehouse in Vos. Other sorcerers will suggest you talk to him if you want to learn more about their trade on the basis that "few sorcerers are as friendly and down-to-earth as Smokey."

He wears a common robe along with a matching pair of shoes. He carries 30 silver throwing stars. Aside from his natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, he knows the spells Weakness to Corpus Disease, Detect Creature, Frost Storm, Frost Bolt, Dispel, Spell Absorption, Vivec's Feast, Sotha's Mirror, Weakness to Blight Disease, Frostbloom, Flamebolt, Firebloom, Fire Storm, Summon Ancestral Ghost, Saintly Word, Ulms's Juicedaw's Feather, Strong Feather, and Heavy Burden Touch.

When asked about latest rumors, he will say, "Master Aryon has been trying to talk some of the reclusive Telvanni into joining the Council. I think he may be planning to challenge the Archmagister."