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A few commonplace materials, such as cloth, leather, and wood, are used to create a limited number of weapons and pieces of armor.

This article only includes plain leather items. Leather items documented elsewhere include:


Name ID Weight Health Value Rating Enchant
Cloth Armor (Light Armor)
Cloth Bracer Cloth Left Bracer
Cloth Right Bracer
cloth bracer left
cloth bracer right
1.5 20 3 4 6
Colovian Fur Armor (Light Armor)
Colovian Fur Helm Colovian Fur Helm fur_colovian_helm 2.0 70 25 7 7.5
Leather Armor (Light Armor)
Leather Bracer Left Leather Bracer
Right Leather Bracer
left leather bracer
right leather bracer
1.5 20
5 5 6
Heavy Leather Boots Heavy Leather Boots heavy_leather_boots 8.0 500 100 50 2.6

Armor Locations[edit]

Although most of these items are commonplace, Heavy Leather Boots are somewhat rare.

Heavy Leather Boots

Special Armor Items[edit]

Cloth Left Bracer
Cloth Right Bracer
Heavy Leather Boots


Name ID Type Weight Health Value Chop Slash Thrust Speed Reach Enchant
Wooden Staff Wooden Staff wooden staff Blunt, 2-Hand Wide 8.0 300 8 2−6 3−6 1−5 1.75 1.8 7

Special Weapon Items[edit]

Wooden Staff