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Help two brothers avenge their father's death.
Quest Giver: Rumors at Dagon Fel
Location(s): Onnissiralis
Reward: Adamantium Helm of Tohan
ID: EBQ_Artifact
The Helm of Tohan

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Ask around Dagon Fel for Latest Rumors.
  2. Travel to Onnissiralis, west of Vas.
  3. Meet the brothers Dalin and Daris Norvayne.
  4. Watch them fistfight for the right to accompany you on the expedition.
  5. Search the ruin with whoever won and find the Helm.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"There is a quest attached to the Adamantium Helm of Tohan, a rare and powerful artifact lost in the Sheogorad Region. Word of it has begun to be heard throughout Vvardenfell. Travel north to Dagon Fel and talk to anyone about "latest rumors" to find out more about recovering the legendary Adamantium Helm of Tohan." —Official Summary

Rumors of Treasure[edit]

When you first install this plugin, visit the town of Dagon Fel and ask around about Latest Rumors. You will be told of an ancient helm hidden in the Daedric ruins of Onnissiralis, west of Vas (Vas will be marked on your map if you haven't been there already). Note that you cannot just go to Onnissiralis first - you must start at Dagon Fel in order to do this quest properly.

Sibling Rivalry[edit]

Travel to Onnissiralis, and you will meet two brothers, Dalin and Daris Norvayne, out front. It seems they are having a bit of a squabble over which of them is deserving of the right to cleanse the ruins where their father was killed years ago. It seems the debate can only be solved by a fistfight. Whatever you do, don't get involved. Watch and wait until one of them is knocked out, and the other will then join you to plunder the ruins. Dalin is armed with an Iron Sparkslayer, and Daris carries a Bonemold Long Bow and has 50 Cruel Sparkarrows, but with fists, they're equally matched. There's not much you can do to influence who wins, as any attack on either of them will cause them both to turn and attack you (though you could use magic to give one of them an advantage instead, say, with a Restore Fatigue on Touch/Target spell or something similar).

Exploring the Ruins[edit]

Once the fight is over, the winner will hand you a key which opens the chest where the Helm is located. The ruin itself is two levels, and contains six worshippers of Sheogorath, all of whom are hostile. If you go straight ahead, you'll be on the upper level, which has a balcony from which you can see the lower level. If you're an archer or spellcaster, you might be able to take out some of the worshippers on the lower level from up here without danger of them fighting back (or if they do come up, you can push them over the edge so they fall through the hole to the lower level). Otherwise, take the stairs down from the hallway near the entrance to the lower level. Once you've taken out the people guarding the shrine, look around behind the pedestal to see a locked chest. Fortunately, you have the key, so open it and claim your treasure. The Norvayne brother who accompanied you will now stop following you, and the quest is complete.

The Helm[edit]

The Adamantium Helm of Tohan is an unenchanted, 70 defense, 4.0 weight (medium), 900 health, 5000 value helm, almost identical to the standard Adamantium Helms you can find in Tribunal, except that it has an Enchantment value of 150 instead of 50. This makes it the highest possible enchantment found on a helm, and the highest defense of any Medium helm (only a few Heavy helms are higher), and also ties it for the most durable of all helmets.

Name ID Weight Health Value Rating Enchant
Adamantium Helm Adamantium Helm of Tohan helm_tohan_unique 4.0 (Medium) 900 5000 70 150


  • Download it here or get a fixed version of Morrowind Official Plugins
  • You can find the Helm of Tohan without doing most of this quest provided you are able to open a 100pt lock yourself. But if you can't you'll need to complete all the steps - if you don't get rumors from Dagon Fel, the brothers will not be there, and if you don't let them duke it out without interfering, you won't get the key (even if you kill them, they will not have it on them).
  • If you have a large bounty (1000 gold or more) on your head, you will need to get it removed before you can start this quest. Otherwise asking about latest rumors in Dagon Fel will give a response about your bounty instead of the response that starts the quest.


  • Sometimes the brothers will not fight on their own; and stand there twitching (a problem with the fight-start animation); this can be resolved with the command Journal, EBQ_Artifact, 30 in the console.
  • If the brothers didn't follow you inside and the quest didn't finish after picking up the helm, drop the helm on the ground near the brothers and pick it up again. That should trigger the dialog, finish the quest and make the brothers vanish. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.
Note: Because this plugin was created before the Tribunal expansion was released, it does not have "Quest Name" or "Finish" flags set up, and thus the quest does not show up as an active quest in your Journal, and it never officially "finishes" either.

Helm of Tohan (EBQ_Artifact)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've heard rumor in Dagon Fel that a there is a wondrous helm to be found in the ruins of Onnissiralis. It is a large Daedric shrine far to the north of Vvardenfell, west of a place called Vas. It's been suggested I seek out the brothers Norvayne, who have left recently to investigate the ruins.
20 I have met the Norvayne brothers, Dalin and Daris. They seem undecided on how they wish to proceed with the exploration of the ruin. Dalin feels that the more people involved, the better the chances of survival. Daris believes that it is a matter of family pride that they explore it alone.
30 The brothers have decided to work out their differences in their own way: a fistfight. Whoever is left standing will be the one to decide how they will proceed.
40 Dalin has bested his brother in hand-to-hand combat.
41 The brothers will now follow me into the ruins, as Dalin has won the "argument" with his brother.
50 Daris has bested his brother in hand-to-hand combat.
51 As Daris has won the "argument," the brothers will explore the ruins without my help.
60 I've attacked one of the brothers Norvayne during their fight.
61 Because I attacked the brothers during their battle, they have decided to attack me.
98 Dalin Norvayne has been killed.
99 Daris Norvayne has been killed.
100 I have recovered the Adamantium Helm of Tohan.
110 Neither of the brothers Norvayne will be escorting me any longer.