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Botrir (botrir)
Location Azura's Coast Region, [13,9] (map)
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 10 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 112 Magicka 76
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Follower During Widowmaker

Botrir is a Nord barbarian who, like his fellows Hlormar Wine-Sot and Hisin Deep-Raed, ran afoul of a witch and was stripped of his clothing and left in the wilderness. He can be found just southwest of Indoranyon, bemoaning the loss of his prized axe, Widowmaker. If you help him to retrieve it, he'll teach you a thing or two about how to use axes.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Greeting:
"Hail, stranger! Have you seen a witch nearby? I'll tear out her heart and feed it to a nix hound!"
"I'll get Widowmaker back from that witch!!! I pluck out her eyes and wear them as earrings!!"
"The witch is dead! Now, if you'll just give me Widowmaker, stranger, I'd appreciate it. I might be able to teach you a bit about using an axe as well, if you're interested."
" axe. It will be good to cleave some skulls once again!"
  • witch nearby:
"Aye, I was escorting this...woman, Iveri Llothri, to Tel Aruhn, and she seemed real friendly. Then for no reason, she turned on me! Put me under some spell, and by the time I realized what was happening, she had taken off with my gold, my armor, and my axe, Widowmaker! Damn her for even laying hands on the axe of my fathers! I'll tear her throat out and wear it as a belt! Come with me, stranger; help me find this devil and end her pitiful existence!"
I'll help you recover your axe.: "Excellent! Let us go, stranger. I think she headed to the northwest, but I can't be sure. Let's find her! I'll tear her head off and spit in the stump!"
Sorry. You're on your own.: "Bah! I'll find her myself then!" Goodbye.
"I'm sure she hasn't gotten far. When I find her, I'll tear off her legs and break them over her head!"
  • Widowmaker:
"My axe. It's been in my family for generations. A powerful axe, and tainted by the touch of that unholy spawn! I'll get it back, and use it to cleave her in two!"'
"Finally, it is out of the hands of that witch. If you'll just give me my axe, friend, I'd be willing to teach you a few things I've learned about the proper way to use one!"
Here is your axe, Botrir. Wield it wisely.: " feels good to hold it in my hands again! Truly, this is an axe of legend, and they will sing songs and write tales of my adventures with it. I think I shall begin by killing all the witches I can find. But first, allow me to teach you something of the way of the axe."
This is truly an axe fit for a warrior. That warrior is me.: "That is a mistake, friend. I'll have that axe, and if I have to pry it from your bloody, lifeless hands, so be it!" Goodbye.
"Finally, it's in the proper hands again!"

If you pickpocket the axe from Botrir after giving it back:

"I don't know why you think you can take that axe back from me, friend, but I'll need it now."
Here is your axe, Botrir.: '"That's better. Now keep your hands off my axe." (Disposition down by 20)
I've decided to keep it for myself.: "That is a mistake, friend. I'll have that axe, and if I have to pry it from your bloody, lifeless hands, so be it!" Goodbye.