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Vault of Mhuvnak
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Eastmarch
Appears in ESO

The Vault of Mhuvnak, also know as Frostvault, is a Dwarven ruin located in Eastmarch, southwest of Windhelm.


Sometime after the Alessian Slave Rebellion,[1] various Ayleid kingdoms launched a desperate search for the fabled Wrathstone, a weapon that they believed would be their salvation against the encroaching forces of the Alessian Empire. An expedition marched to the Dwemer city of Mzulft, in the hold of Eastmarch in Skyrim, where it was rumored the Wrathstone was held. The Ayleids besieged Mzulft, but failed to breach it or retrieve the artifact.[2] At the time, the Ayleids were unaware that the Dwemer only possessed the left half of the Wrathstone, and that half was stored not at Mzulft, but at nearby Kagrenzel.[2] The famed Dwemer architect Mhuvnak left Mzulft for Kagrenzel immediately after the attack to retrieve the artifact, realizing that it may need to be better guarded. It is thought that he found the defenses of Kagrenzel inadequate, and built the Vault of Mhuvnak to house it instead. Long after the time of Mhuvnak, following Mzulft's temporary fall to the Nords and subsequent reclamation by the Dwemer, the Vault of Mhuvnak was buried in a mountain of ice and lost. The Dwemer of Mzulft attempted to use their Oculory to locate the "Frostvault", but no record of the results of their search was found, and the left half of the Wrathstone was not reclaimed.[2]

In 2E 583, the frozen entrance to the Dwarven Vault of Mhuvnak finally thawed. The treasure hunter Tharayya, accompanied by Undaunted adventurers, ventured into the vault and encountered a group of rieklings who now called the Dwemer ruins their home, as well as various functional and dangerous Dwemer constructs. The vaults themselves were locked tightly, and the adventurers had to improvise by using a Dwarven delver to blast open the fortified door of the vault. The Wrathstone's vault was guarded by a Dwarven colossus, which was taken down with the help of some skeevatons. The adventurers retrieved the left side of the Wrathstone Tablet and subsequently journeyed into Garlas Malatar to retrieve the other half.

By 4E 201, no evidence of the Vault of Mhuvnak was left in sight. The vault was likely once again covered within the ice of the mountain it rested on.



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