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Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Padomaic Ocean
Appears in ESO
The Norg-Tzel Xanmeer circa 2E 583.

Norg-Tzel (meaning "Forbidden Place" in the Jel) is a small island off the coast of the region of Murkmire, being considered a part of the province of Black Marsh. Norg-Tzel is known as the Forbidden Place for a reason, as it served as the prison of the mythical Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar until it was taken by the Cyrodilic Collections.


The distant past, the Argonians were establishing their civilization, long before the modern-day races of Tamriel, and among this, a powerful sorcerer known as Beela-Kaar was rising into prominence, becoming a trusted advisor of Saxhleel leaders and using his power to grow Murkmire. However, when Beela-Kaar's mate had suffered from a terrible disease, the sorcerer had become desperate to cure her, but when every type of conventional magic did not work, Kaar resorted to the darker side of magic and eventually Necromancy. When Beela-Kaar pushed the boundaries of the Saxhleel specifically when his re-animated Argonians ransacked Murkmire, his xanmeer was invaded and Beela-Kaar conducted one last ritual where all of his power had become infused with his skull, which turned golden. Beela-Kaar was gone, leaving only his haunted golden skull. To protect Murkmire, the elder Argonians sealed the golden skull into the xanmeer of Norg-Tzel where it remained every since.[1]

During the Interregnum, sometime around 2E 583, the Cyrodilic Collections, a group of historians and archaeologists that hail from Cyrodiil, made an expedition to Norg-Tzel. The group sought to uncover the lost history of the Argonians and have made attempts to uncover every piece of the past they can document. At the same time, a group known as the Blackguards, made of the descendants of inmates from the Blackrose Prison, attempted to seek out the Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar. Margus Derius, an Imperial with a grudge against Murkmire, and so he saw the Skull of Beela-Kaar as a means to this. However, he was stopped in his tracks in Norg-Tzel by an associate of the Cyrodilic Collections. The associate was able to acquire the skull and make a swift escape from the Norg-Tzel Xanmeer and return to the Collections' alcove in Stormhold. Ever since then, the Collections had become noteworthy throughout Tamriel, gaining new members coming as far as Stros M'Kai and Vulkhel Guard. News spread of the events in Norg-Tzel throughout Lilmoth as well.[2][3][4]



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