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Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
A Crimson Shard of Moonshadow

Moonshadow is a realm of Oblivion, created and ruled over by Azura, the Daedric Prince of Twilight. The realm is so beautiful that visiting mortals are half-blinded. The realm contains flowers and waterfalls, majestic trees, and a city of silver. The wind smells of perfume, and the realm is known to have rain. Azura lives in a rose palace, and is welcoming to mortal travelers.[1] The Winged Twilights inhabit this realm.

Moonshadow is also another name for Azura. Mortals born under the sign of The Shadow are known to have the ability to turn invisible; this ability is called Moonshadow, although it is unknown if it has anything to do with the Daedric realm. In a speech to the Champion of Cyrodiil, Mankar Camoran incorrectly names Mephala's realms the "ten Moonshadows".[2]

During the Second Era, the Ashlander inhabitants of Ald'ruhn had come into possession of several Crimson Shards of Moonshadow, large red crystals which glow with a powerful red light.[3] Several pieces of armor of Daedric quality found in Tamriel are thought to have originated from Moonshadow; they are enchanted with a strong magical light enchantment, but are otherwise unremarkable.[4]


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