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This article is about the knightly order. For the general class of warriors, see Dragon Knights.

"I vow to serve the Dragon. I lay down my life, my gold, and my sacred honor for my King. His word is my order, my sword is his arm. Our lives are one." — Oath of the Knightly Order, "Knights of the Dragon"

The Knights of the Dragon (also called the Knights of Daggerfall)[1] is the knightly order of the Kingdom of Daggerfall, in the province of High Rock. The Knights serve the purpose of protecting the royal family of Daggerfall, as well as their domain. The highest rank in the Knights of the Dragon is the Paladin, who are known to don Ebony armor.[2]


The Knights of the Dragon can date their origins to sometime around 1E 500, when the early Bretons liberated themselves from the Direnni Hegemony, and established what would later become known as the province of High Rock. Other petty kingdoms and duchies would create their own knightly order, and the Knights of the Dragon would become Daggerfall's militia. This would continue all the way into modern times.[3][4]

The Knights of the Dragon, under the command of Lord Trystan, was present in the thirty-year long Siege of Orsinium. King Joile of Daggerfall had launched an invasion against the Kingdom of the Orcs, the First Orsinium. Lord Trystan was friends with Gaiden Shinji, champion of the Redguards. The Knights of the Dragon held vast respect for the Order of Diagna.[5] When General Mercedene had interrupted a duel between Gaiden Shinji, and Baloth Bloodtusk, Commander Reliana would confront Mercedene and defeat her in battle, avenging the duel.[6] The Siege of Orsinium would end in 1E 980.[7]

Several years later, in 2E 542, Durcorach the Black Drake would invade the province of High Rock, and make his way towards Daggerfall following a failed siege against Wayrest. King Bergamot led his forces, consisting of the Knights of the Dragon, to face the Reachmen. When Earl Emeric had arrived with reinforcements, Durcorach would be slain. The Kingdom of Daggerfall would be brought into the first Daggerfall Covenant.[1] When the Three Banners War began in 2E 582, the Knights of the Dragon would become a separate militia from the Covenant, per the request of King Casimir Deleyn.[8] But the Knights of the Dragon would later partake in the defense for Glenumbra against the Bloodthorn Cult.[9]

Many years later in 3E 402, the Knights of the Dragon were under the command of Lord Bridwell. Lord Bridwell was intensely devoted to the royal family, and the King of Daggerfall, Lysandus. Lord Bridwell would serve as the Captain of Daggerfall's army during the War of Betony, paving the way for victory at the Battle of the Bluffs, and the Siege of Craghold.[10] Lord Bridwell would return as a war hero. By 3E 405, Lord Bridwell continued to control the Knights, and serve as a member of the Court of Daggerfall. Mobar was the second-in-command of the Knights of the Dragon.[11]


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