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Prince Hubalajad
Race Yokudan Gender Male
Born First Era
Resided in Abah's Landing

Prince Hubalajad, more commonly known as Prince Hew, was a Yokudan noble who colonized Hew's Bane during the First Era. Although notable in his establishment of Abah's Landing, he is best remembered as an unkind and comedic figure who was foiled at every turn, and whose endeavors resulted in failure.[1].


Hew's Bane

Little is known about Prince Hew, and what few references that are available are primarily third-hand documents or apocryphal tales that some scholars believe embellish the facts. Prince Hew sailed to Tamriel as part of the "Tavan" Ra Gada invasion circa 1E 808. Prince Hew established the city of Abah's Landing and constructed a lavish palace within the city walls, from which his descendants would rule for several generations.[2] The prince also erected a vast statue of himself near the city docks, and raised the imposing No Shira Citadel to the south of the city, although the fortification was quickly undermined by seasonal flooding and had to be abandoned.[1][3]

Notable members of his family include his uncle, Magnifico Bahraha, who was magically sealed within the royal tomb along with his followers when he was discovered to be a necromancer, something completely repugnant to devout Yokudans.

Contemporary sources depict Prince Hew in an unkind light, characterized as a wasteful, flamboyant and gullible individual. Once such example is a handbill produced by one of the Abah's Landing's original residents, which delivers a scathing admonishment of the Prince's fondness of extravagant and expensive hairstyles and wigs, all while his people starved or become homeless due to the sinking of some sections of the city.[4] Other evidence of these characteristics are backed up by the discovery of various trinkets he once owned, including a reputedly magical dowsing wand, sold to him as an infallible guide to a fountain of immortality. A "two-bosom harness" worn by him in the title role for the play "Lady Morwha's Latest Marriage" and a Haj Mota-shaped toupee with emerald eyes.[5][6][7]


When Prince Hew died, he was buried in a shuttered tomb beneath a great rock formation in the southern deserts. Such was his reputation among his subjects that his funerary urn went on to become the resting place for letters regarding his unpaid debts in his final years.[8]

By the end of the First Era, the peninsula began to go by the name of "Hew's Bane" rather than Khefrem's Boot.[9] Popular myth had transformed Prince Hew into a comedic figure, replacing his supposed tenacity with a perceived thick-headedness.[1] Indeed, by the mid-Second Era his name became synonymous with a lack of intelligence or common sense among the citizens of Abah's Landing.[10] Similarly, an oft-repeated Taneth expression for wasting money is "laying foundation with Hubalajad's coin".[1] Some have gone as far as to write fiction, as exhibited by the highly-collectible series of books known as "Prince Hew's Fiascos", which depict the prince is a series of humorous tales.[11]




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