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Generic Factions are small groups of people or groups with whom you may gain or lose Reputation, but who are otherwise unessential for any activity. These factions may or may not appear in-game.

You can, on occasion, be offered Merchants and Innkeepers quests from members of the Bards or the Prostitutes.


  • The Bards
  • The Children
  • Commoners
  • Healers
  • The Prostitutes
  • Scholars
  • Underworld

Knightly Orders[edit]

  • Generic Knightly Order
  • Host of the True Horn

Mages Guild[edit]

  • Master of Academia
  • Master at Arms
  • Master of Incunabula
  • Master of Initiates (Mages Guild)

Temples and Templar Orders[edit]

  • Generic Temple

Thieves Guild[edit]

  • The Guildmaster
  • Master of Initiates


The Bards[edit]

The Children[edit]

The Prostitutes[edit]

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