Daggerfall:Daggerfall (Region)/Service Detail/Dark Brotherhood

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Guildhall with this Quality Level
0 1 2 3 4
Aldingwall Yes
Aldingwark Yes
Aldmore Yes
Baelmoth Yes
Broadfort Yes
Burgcester Yes
Burgwall Yes
Charenborne Yes
Charening Yes
Charing Yes
Charton Yes
Charway Yes
Charway Rock Yes
Chesterwark Yes
Chesterwick Hamlet Yes
Cromwell Yes
Cromwych Hill Yes
Crossmarket Yes
Daggerfall Yes
Deerbridge Hollow Yes
Deering Borough Yes
Eastbridge Yes
Eastwell Commons Yes
Gallotale Yes
Graycastle Yes
Grimfort Yes
Grimwych Yes
Horcester Yes
Hortale Yes
Ipshead Yes
Kirkcart Wood Yes
Knightstown Yes
Longgate Yes
Longtown Yes
Longtry Field Yes
Longwark Yes
Mercester Yes
Mergate Yes
Merley Yes
Mertower Yes
Midbury Yes
Midmarket Rock Yes
Newcester Yes
Newcroft Yes
Penbrugh Yes
Penwold Yes
Reyford Yes
Ripleigh Yes
Ripmore Yes
Rippath Heath Yes
Singbridge Yes
Singcroft Yes
Singmoth Yes
Stokwell Derry Yes
Stokworth Yes
Tunbeth Hamlet Yes
Uptower Moor Yes
Vanvale Yes
Waridge Moor Yes
Westhead Moor Yes
Whitecroft Yes
Whiteham Yes
Whitewood Borough Yes
Wildertown Yes
Total 6 9 23 11 15