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This page summarizes the base armor in Daggerfall. Armor provides protection from incoming melee attacks. Each area of your body can only be protected by one armor piece at a time, but your Armor Rating consists of the sum of their defensive bonuses.


Armor Rating[edit]

Armor Rating is a number representing how difficult it is for someone to hit you. A high Agility gives you an ability to avoid strikes. That, coupled with an abundance of armor (so you might not feel someone striking you), are ways to increase your Armor Rating. There are seven types of armor, and twelve kinds of material from which this armor may be wrought.

Note: regardless of material type, Armor Ratings for shields will always be +1 for bucklers, +2 for round shields, +3 for kite shields, and +4 for tower shields.

Armor Types[edit]

A Dark Elf in full dwarven armor

You may have one of each of the following armor pieces equipped at a time:

  • Boots: protective footwear. These come in pairs.
  • Cuirass: body armor. Comes in padded leather, chain mail, or metal plate.
  • Gauntlets: hand coverings. These also come in pairs.
  • Greaves: leg armor.
  • Helm: head armor.
  • Left Pauldron: shoulder and arm covering for the left arm.
  • Right Pauldron: shoulder and arm covering for the right arm.

There are also four types of shields:

  • Buckler: a small shield that straps to the arm.
  • Kite Shield: a large shield that tapers to a point.
  • Round Shield: larger than a buckler.
  • Tower Shield: the largest and most protective type of shield.

Armor Material[edit]

The following table lists the materials used to create armor and shields, and their effects on the item's Armor Rating and weight:

Material Armor Rating* Weight Modifier†
Leather +3 x1
Chain +6 x2
Iron +7 x2
Steel +9 x2.5
Silver +9 x2
Elven +11 x2
Dwarven +13 x1.5
Mithril +15 x2
Adamantium +15 x2
Ebony +17 x1
Orcish +19 x2
Daedric +21 x2.5

*Armor Ratings for shields are static, and independent of their material type.
†Weight modifiers are rounded, and therefore will not always precisely reflect the multiplier figure.

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