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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Roost of Trogrugoth Harpy Nest 12
The Fortress of Dozon Orc Stronghold 11
The Hole of Jubulululla Natural Cave 8
Ruins of The Dhirtum Farmstead Scorpion Nest 10
Dhurht's Hold Barbarian Stronghold 12
Ruins of Mhoghton Orchard Giant Stronghold 10
Ruins of Tower Darhtin Laboratory 12
Castle Glar Scorpion Nest 10
The Hold of Lellten Mine 8
The Dorkum Asylum Prison 8
The Hold of Raerhter Scorpion Nest 11
Ruins of Old Nhurdti's Hovel Vampire Haunt 11
The Hold of Faerd Scorpion Nest 10
Lhir'kern's Hold Mine 12
The Citadel of Caiske Harpy Nest 12
Ruins of The Old Klurkim Shack Desecrated Temple 8
The Citadel of Vozun Barbarian Stronghold 11
The Tower of T'ircten Desecrated Temple 12
The Yeithoth Nest Harpy Nest 8
Castle Dirkom Crypt 8
The Fortress of Fhorcur Natural Cave 10
Castle Garomyth Vampire Haunt 8
The Pit of Homunasuna Natural Cave 8
Merpir's Guard Laboratory 8
Ruins of The Vlachar Farmstead Coven 12
Curt's Guard Human Stronghold 11
The V'irmam Graveyard Cemetery 5
Corrimon Hall Vampire Haunt 13
Lhur's Hold Desecrated Temple 10
The Cirm Graveyard Cemetery 5
THe Crypts of C'uchun Cemetery 5
Shrajten Tower Scorpion Nest 8
Tower Cavrn Harpy Nest 13
Castle V'urkir Spider Nest 12
The Fortress of Gevom Harpy Nest 8
Ruins of Saerk Hall Orc Stronghold 8
Rlifyler Laboratory Laboratory 13
Dagirgoth Orc Stronghold 13
Stught's Guard Scorpion Nest 10
Rugrn's Hold Giant Stronghold 12
Ruins of The Old Starte Shack Harpy Nest 10
Ruins of Lharkar's Hold Harpy Nest 8
The Haunt of Morehar Vampire Haunt 11
The Nus Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle T'ich Barbarian Stronghold 12
Rairm's Hold Laboratory 12
Ruins of Old F'esh-e's Hovel Desecrated Temple 10
The Greght Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Maecter Tower Desecrated Temple 13
Ruins of The Hold of Nalprn Giant Stronghold 13
The V'urpe Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Krirg Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Grumdred Aerie Harpy Nest 8
The Cyorkur Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hold of Sairhtten Harpy Nest 12
Tower Boorke Harpy Nest 11
The Nest of Moredred Harpy Nest 8
The Tower of Khurpem Crypt 8
Board's Guard Ruined Castle 10
The Tower of T'uzun Desecrated Temple 8
Bechur Tower Laboratory 11
The Citadel of Grorger Ruined Castle 8
The Chujam Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hold of Dosum Desecrated Temple 14
Ruins of The Gloge Farmstead Prison 10