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NPCs (or Non-Player Characters) are the various humanoids that populate the island of Solstheim. There are two types:

Named NPCs
A full list of these can be found at People.
Generic NPCs
NPCs without a specific name that have a group name instead.

Generic NPCs include the following:

  • Berserkers —- almost naked barbarians based on the Norse Warriors of the same name.
  • Fryse Hags —- women with a command over the cold.
  • Reavers —- groups of hostile men possibly based on the Border Reivers of the Anglo-Scottish wars.
  • Smugglers —- shady characters focused on making their illegal profits.
  • Thirsk Workers —— these three Nords only appear in the Thirsk Mead Hall while it is under repair.
  • Werewolves —— the unfortunate victims of lycanthropy who wander dazedly when no full moon is in the sky.