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Hrothmund's Bane
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Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Hrothmund's Bane
Moesring Mountains, [-24,25]
South of Castle Karstaag, west of the Wind Stone
Hrothmund's Bane, as seen from the southeast

Hrothmund's Bane is a large Nordic memorial presumably built by the inhabitants of Thirsk after the death of their first chieftain, Hrothmund the Red.

The memorial is located in the Moesring Mountains region of Solstheim, south of Castle Karstaag and west of the Wind Stone and situated on a hill slightly higher than the immediate surrounding area (with the exception of the mountains themselves).

In about 3E 347, Hrothmund the Red, chieftain of Thirsk, heard news of a "giant bloodthirsty white wolf terrorizing travelers in the Moesring Mountains" (Jastal, Bereditte; Thirsk, a History), and he set out to slay the beast alone. In the ensuing battle, Hrothmund managed to cut off one of the wolf's legs but at the cost of his own life. When news of Hrothmund's death reached the inhabitants of Thirsk, they set out to exact revenge on the Fell Wolf, known as Ondjage. Shortly afterward, Ondjage was slain and the inhabitants of Thirsk fed upon its flesh as a family. As Ondjage had devoured Hrothmund's corpse (leaving only his mighty Battleaxe), there was no way of providing a tomb for the great hero of Solstheim; it can be assumed that the people of Thirsk built a memorial for Hrothmund on the site of his final battle. The memorial was built in the likeliness of Ondjage and was a home for the spirit of Hrothmund the Red, who would determine who the next chieftain of Thirsk would be. As Hrothmund was buried with the few possessions extracted from the stomach of Ondjage, the inner memorial is guarded by the spirit of the Fell Wolf and only allows access to those who know its proper name.

Hrothmund's Bane is a large part of two miscellaneous quests that require access to the inner memorial where the spirits of Ondjage and Hrothmund dwell. When the spirit of the Fell Wolf asks what its real name is, the answer is "Ondjage". Any other answer will result in the inner memorial being permanently closed to you, making the completion of these quests impossible.

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