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Constans Atrius (Constans Atrius)
Home City Fort Frostmoth
Location Imperial Cult Shrine
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 30 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 212 Magicka 172
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) East Empire Company 5(Negotiator)
Constans Atrius

Constans Atrius is an Imperial noble and Carnius Magius' assistant, located in the Imperial Cult Shrine in Fort Frostmoth. At the end of the East Empire Company quests he will serve you instead, once Carnius has been "dealt with."

He wears an expensive shirt with matching shoes and some extravagant pants. Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Greetings:
    • "Are you here to see Carnius? I'm afraid he's not in right now: oh, and he'll be so disappointed that you were unable to deliver that report on time."
    • "Excuse me. I've already explained that Carnius isn't here. There's nothing more I can do for you, so perhaps you should just run along."
    • "Oh dear! Did I forget to mention the little problem we've been having with that trap? Oh, I do hope that doesn't slow you down too much. But I'm afraid there's nothing more I can do for you. Excuse me."
    • "You have company business to discuss? Please step inside and see Carnius. Otherwise, turn right back around and head out the door you came in."
    • "Eh? Oh, you're here about the swords? Hrmph. Very well, here you go. Though I don't know that they'll be of much help to the likes of you."
    • "I, uhh.... I take it you have resolved your problems with Carnius? Well, that makes you the ranking official at the Raven Rock site. In, uhh, in that case, I'd be happy to forward along the appropriate paperwork and have you instated as the local Factor. I hope that's satisfactory, your factor-ness...."
    • "I, uhh.... I take it you have resolved your problems with Carnius? Perhaps you should take the matter up with Falco, back at the site."
    • "Greetings, Factor. You're... you're not going to hurt me, are you?"

  • Carnius Magius: "He was really looking forward to reading that report, too."