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Athellor (athellor)
Home City Raven Rock
Location Bar
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 9 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 82 Magicka 126
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Athellor is an Altmer noble living in the Raven Rock Bar. Convinced that he is descended from a race of Snow Elves, the Falmer, he will send you on a quest to find evidence that supports his claims.

He only wears a common robe and has no other items in his inventory. Aside from his natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, his natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Greeting:
"Well hello there, %PCName. You don't look like one of the natives, and I don't recall seeing you on the last ship from Vvardenfell. Perhaps you're a mercenary? I'm here to do some research, myself. Please, join me for a drink." (You receive a Cyrodiilic Brandy)
"Hello, %PCName. I was just going over my notes. I'm here on Solstheim doing some research, you see."

Before you agree to help his research:

"Hello again, %PCName. I'm still looking to hire an explorer, if you're interested."

After you have agreed to help him:

"%PCName, you've returned. Have you found any evidence of the Falmer here on Solstheim?"
Not yet, Athellor. But I'll keep looking.: "All right then. When you find something worthwhile, you know where to find me."
Yes, I found...this thing here. Does it help?: "Hmmm.... Let me see....! I'm afraid this isn't what I'm looking for, %PCName. Please continue your explorations, and do be more certain next time."
Yes, I found an ancient set of armor and a spear, in the Jolgeirr Barrow. There was a book, as well -- 'The Fall of the Snow Prince.' The description of the title character is rather interesting.: ""Fall of the Snow Prince," you say? Fascinating. Let me see it. Hmmm...yes...yes...amazing! By my Falmer ancestors, you've done it, %PCName! The account in this tome is remarkable! Rieklings indeed! I don't see how this Snow Prince could have been anything BUT a Falmer, do you? Splendid, splendid. You're a credit to explorers everywhere, %PCName. Here's the gold, as promised, and thank you!"

After his quest is completed:

"Ah, %PCName. Wonderful to see you again. I'm afraid I'll be leaving shortly, however. I'm heading off to Skyrim, you see...after a drink or three. I have renewed confidence in my quest now, thanks to you, and am eager to see what I may discover in the Nords' homeland. Farewell, and keep exploring!" Goodbye.
  • some research:
"Yes, I'm here on Solstheim doing some research on the Falmer. The locals think the legendary Falmer are actually the Rieklings, those hideous little ice creatures that inhabit the island. What an absurd notion."
"Yes, research on the Falmer. Some call them Snow Elves, though I find that designation a gross oversimplification. You see, according to Nord legend, the Falmer are an elusive race of Elves who dwell in cold, remote regions. They're usually blamed for any number of disasters -- blizzards, missing children, you name it. The locals think those vile Riekling ice creatures are the Falmer of legend, an insulting and absurd notion if ever there was one. Here, please, have another drink...." (Disposition up by 10) (You receive another Cyrodiilic Brandy)
  • absurd notion:
"The mere suggestion that the Falmer are no more than the Rieklings is ridiculous. The Falmer WERE a real race, until they intermingled with the other Elven races. It's quite clear to me that the Falmer are an important piece in the puzzle that is Elven Ancestry."
"The Rieklings? The Snow Elves of legend? Preposterous. You see, I believe the Falmer REALLY existed, centuries ago. They were Elves, just like the Altmer, Dunmer or Bosmer. Then...they just faded away. They bred with the other Elven races, and ceased to exist as an identifiable culture. It's very likely that the Falmer are an important part of Elven ancestry.  %PCName, your glass is almost emptttyyyyy...." (Disposition up by 10) (You receive another Cyrodiilic Brandy)
  • Elven ancestry:
"I have long believed that I, Athellor, have the blood of the Falmer flowing through my veins! I'm on a journey of self-discovery, %PCName. I wish to know who I am, and where I came from. I'm hoping that if I find some evidence of the Falmer's existence, I will better understand myself, and my past. But alas, I'm a noble, not an adventurer. That's why I've come to this establishment. I'm hoping to hire an explorer to do some of the more...physical work. Another drink?" (Disposition up by 10) (You receive another Cyrodiilic Brandy)
"I KNOW I have Falmer ancestors. I can feel the chill Falmer blood coursing through my veins. That's why I'm in this bar. I need to hire an explorer to seek out the evidence I need."
  • hire an explorer:
"Listen, %PCName.... You seem an able sort. And you did listen politely to my ramblings! Would you be interested in helping me with my research? I need someone to do a bit of exploring and investigating. I'll pay you, of course, with some gold up front. Are you interested?"
Sounds intriguing, Athellor. What would you have me do?: "I need you to investigate Solstheim's ancient sites. Burial barrows, standing stones, that sort of thing. Who knows what information they hold? Here's 200 gold for traveling expenses, equipment, or whatever else you may need. If you find any solid evidence of the Falmer's existence, bring it back to me here."
Afraid not, Athellor. I've got more important matters to attend to.: "Well, that IS disappointing. You listened so intently to my tale, I thought for sure you'd want to help me. Oh well. If you change your mind, the job is open. Unless, of course, I find another interested party. Good day, %PCName." Goodbye. (Disposition down by 40)
"I've already hired an explorer -- you. Now please get going. I'm anxious to know what evidence you might find."


  • Athellor is the only Altmer in the Bloodmoon expansion.