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Bonemen are undead enemies. They have no spells and few hit points, although their attacks can be somewhat powerful. If you are playing a character strong in melee combat, they should be easy to dispatch in close quarters; otherwise, ranged attacks may be a safer bet for these foes. Bonemen have low intelligence, so it is difficult to speak to them, and they will attack you regardless.

Bonemen can be convinced to become friendly and will even fight alongside you if you have read the Book of Life and Service.

60 0 50 30 50 40 60 20 50 50
Location Level 3
Spells None



We die. We pray. To live. We serve.

Player Response Result
Leave me alone, or I'll smash you to dust. Reply 1 &SkelNoTalk
You're undead. How can you die? Reply 1 &SkelNoTalk
Can you understand me? Or are you just a dumb homicidal monster? Reply 1 &SkelNoTalk
[&ReadBook] AND NOT [&SkelServe] You swore. To Serve. Your Lord. Commands. Reply 2
[&ReadBook] AND [&SkelServe] You swore. To Serve. Your Lord. Commands. Reply 3

Reply 1[edit]

[[The teeth and jaws move, but no sound emerges.]]

Reply 2[edit]

I serve His Will. I walk His Way.

Player Response Result
Ah-HA! So now you serve my will and walk my way, because I am your Lord. So you will do my bidding. Right? Reply 1 PCTeam &SkelServe
Go forth and smite my enemies. You know. All the nasty.... Well.... You know. Undead things. Reply 1 PCTeam &SkelServe
Your Lord. Commands. Seek the Gate. And open it up. And get me out of here. Right away. And safely, too, if it's not too much bother. Reply 1 PCTeam &SkelServe

Reply 3[edit]

One serves His Way. But not one more.

Player Response Result
Are you trying to tell me that I can't command more than one of you guys at one time? Darn. Reply 1
So how do I get rid of the old skeleton who serves My Will and walks My Way so I can command a nice pretty new skeleton? Reply 1
You swore. To Serve. Your Lord. Commands. Do my. Bidding. You sorry. Piece of. Crap. Reply 1


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