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Mistmen are undead enemies that are encountered on the third level of Battlespire. They deal moderate damage in melee, but have low hit points and are not difficult to defeat in melee or at a range. They will speak to you, but probably will not offer useful information and will try to attack you.

60 200 50 50 80 70 50 50 50 50
Location Level 3
Spells Minor All Elements


  • Death is the Mother of Beauty.
  • The seasons turn to winter. In the frozen whiteness, time stands still.
  • We came this far for beauty. We came this far for love. From this place we can see forever.
Player Response Result
That's very nice. Very poetic. Thank you for sharing that. I would prefer, however, that you stop trying to kill me. Please? Reply 1 &GhostNoTalk
Would you please tell me how to get out of here? Reply 1 &GhostNoTalk
You're wasting your breath. So to speak. I'm alive, I like it, and I'm staying that way. Goodbye. END

Greeting 2[edit]

  • There will be no sad farewells, no tears goodbye. No death stalks this distant shore of peace and love.
  • Judge no man, mortal, born to die, happy before his death. In death, all is peace and joy, serene, eternal.
  • We lift the veil, and enter into night, eternal night, glorious with stars.
Player Response Result
Is there any way I can help you? Ease your pain? Release you from the curse that chains you here? Reply 1 &GhostNoTalk
I naturally assume, you being undead and all, that you are suffering terrible anguish and torment. Aren't you? You sure don't seem all that miserable to me. Reply 1 &GhostNoTalk
This doesn't seem to be very productive. Goodbye. END

Reply 1[edit]

[[The ghost glimmers and keens, but does not reply.]]

Greeting 3[edit]

  • Love is stronger than death. He who serves death shall not die.
  • Beyond death, there is no fear, no shame. In death, the spirit arises, pure and proud.
  • Deep be roots, sturdy be limbs, tough be fibers of bark and heartwood.... but, mortal, before the winds of death, you cannot stand.
  • Be assured that death is evil, for were it good, the Gods would ALL die.
Player Response Result
Words to live by. Hah- hah. That was fun, but it looks like I have to resort to violence. Goodbye. END
Where am I? Who are you guys? Or who were you guys? What's going on here? Can't you just give me a hint? Reply 1
I abjure thee, spawn from beyond the grave! Abomination! Unholy specter! In the name of all that is good and just, I revile thee, and pray for thy destruction! Reply 1
This has been very instructive, but I don't want to keep you from your very important work. Whatever it is. END