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"None can match the beauty of Shimmerene, the city of lights. Be welcome and merry, for what is ours is yours. However, if you come to steal tread lightly, the guards do not take kindly to would be thieves..."
AR-mapicon-City-State.png Shimmerene
(lore page)
Type City-State
Province Summurset Isle
The location of Shimmerene in Summurset Isle
Yellow pog.png
The location of Shimmerene in Summurset Isle

Shimmerene is a city-state located in the east-central area of the largest island in Summurset Isle. The ruler is Queen Shashara. Its rivals are Dusk, Skywatch, and Sunhold.


  • Devil's Pit
  • Dirty Dagger
  • Howling Castle
  • Howling Helm
  • Lucky Djinn
  • Red Skull
  • Restless Dragon
  • Screaming Chasm
  • Screaming Dagger
  • Thirsty Golem
  • Unfortunate Sword
  • White Dungeon
  • White Goblin
  • Brotherhood of Charity
  • Brotherhood of Seth
  • Conclave of the One
  • Order of the Gentle Hand
  • Order of the Golden Tomb
  • Order of the Knights of Hope
  • Order of the One Prophet
  • Bargain Merchandise
  • Bargain Tool Store
  • <random>'s Sundries
  • <random>'s General Provisions
  • <random>'s Professional Weaponry Store
  • <random>'s General Weaponry Store
  • <random>'s Armaments
  • <random>'s Professional Equipment Store
  • <random>'s Supply Store
  • <random>'s General Equipment Store
  • Rare Equipment Store
  • Rare Tool Store
  • <random>'s Finest Gear Store
  • <random>'s Professional Provisions
  • <random>'s Equipment Store
  • The Adventurer's Weaponry Store
  • The Emperor's Accouterments
  • The Emperor's Equipment Store
  • The Emperor's Merchandise
  • The Essential Supply Store
  • The Practical Merchandise
  • The Wyrm's Equipment Store
  • The city-state Accouterments
  • The city-state Gear Store
  • Unearthed Gear Store
  • Used Armaments
  • Vintage Accouterments
  • Vintage Gear Store
  • Vintage Tool Store


  • Shimmerene is a possible starting location for High Elves.