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AR-mapicon-Town.png Longvale
Type Town
Province Valenwood
The location of Longvale in Valenwood
Yellow pog.png
The location of Longvale in Valenwood

Longvale is a town in west-central Valenwood, southwest of Silvenar. The ruler is Duke Tacher. Its rival is Emperors Run. Longhaven and Vulkwasten Wood also have a rivalry with Longvale.

Longvale has road connections to Silvenar, Glenpoint, and Meadow Run.


  • Devil's Ogre
  • Dirty Giants
  • Dirty Golem
  • Green Griffin
  • Laughing Castle
  • Restless Djinn
  • Silver Castle
  • White Goblin
  • White Pit
  • Brotherhood of Justice
  • Brotherhood of Mercy
  • Conclave of Charity
  • Conclave of Riana
  • Conclave of Solitude
  • Conclave of the One
  • Order of the Red Rose
  • Bargain Tool Store
  • <random>'s Provisions
  • <random>'s Professional Accouterments
  • New Accouterments
  • New Merchandise
  • Rare Armaments
  • Rare Equipment Store
  • Rare Supply Store
  • <random>'s Quality Tool Store
  • The Basic Gear Store
  • The Basic Supply Store
  • The Basic Weaponry Store
  • The Essential Weaponry Store
  • The Practical Armaments
  • The Practical Weaponry Store