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ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png Wayrest Sewers I Vanquisher
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Wayrest Sewers I Conqueror
Type Dungeons Achievements
Points 10 each
Needed for Vanquisher of the Covenant
Skill Points 1
Furnishing(s) Trophy: Slimecraw (image)
Bust: Slimecraw (image)
Defeat Investigator Garron, Varain Pellingare and Allene Pellingare in Wayrest Sewers I.
Defeat Slimecraw, Investigator Garron, The Rat Whisperer, Uulgarg the Hungry, Varain Pellingare, and Allene Pellingare in Veteran Wayrest Sewers I.

Wayrest Sewers I Vanquisher and Wayrest Sewers I Conqueror are awarded for clearing Wayrest Sewers. Only Investigator Garron, Varaine Pellingare and Allene Pellingare are required for the non-veteran achievement, but for the veteran achievement you must defeat all 6 bosses in addition to running it in veteran mode. You will receive the Skill Point either way. If you complete Wayrest Sewers I Conqueror, you will automatically receive Wayrest Sewers I Vanquisher at the same time if you have not already done so.[verification needed] Either achievement will earn you a Trophy: Slimecraw (image) for your home, and the Conqueror achievement will also earn you a Bust: Slimecraw (image).


  • Both of these achievements have the name "Varaine Pellingare" misspelled as "Varain Pellingare".