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Irresistible Damage, also known as Daedric Damage or Oblivion Damage is a type of magical damage. True to its name, it cannot be resisted by any damage reduction effects. Fortunately, sources of Irresistible Damage are very rare, being found mostly as set bonuses. Note that Irresistible Damage is not subject to Critical Strikes, so it is less effective against lightly armored opponents but more effective against heavily armored enemies or enemies who are Blocking or using a Damage Shield.


  • A weapon with a Glyph of Decrease Health enchantment, made with a subtractive potency rune and Okoma, will deal Irresistible Damage.
  • The Destructive Mage set places a bomb on an enemy when you hit them with a Heavy Attack which can only be triggered by another player attacking them, which does Daedric Damage.[verification needed — Is this still true? Page now says Magic Damage.]
  • The Knight Slayer set deals additional Oblivion Damage when you hit an enemy a Light or Heavy Attack.
  • The Shield Breaker set deals Oblivion Damage when you attack an enemy with a Damage Shield with a Light or Heavy Attack.
  • The Sload's Semblance set deals a set amount of Oblivion Damage with a 10% chance when you damage an enemy.


There is no defense against Irresistible Damage, but there is one Champion ability which responds to it: The Spell Absorption perk from 10 points in The Lady will restore some Magicka when you are hit with Oblivion Damage (or any other magical damage).

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