Morrowind:Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!

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Test Cell:
Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!
# of Zones 1
Lord Cluttermonkey, Used Clutter Salesman
Console Location Code(s)
Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!
The Clutter Warehouse

Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go! is a secret area used by the developers for testing.

It is only accessible through the console, typing in the following code: CenterOnCell "Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!"

This will teleport you to a secret area, which contains Lord Cluttermonkey, a crazy, hostile Argonian farmer who has a full set of Daedric armor (but cannot wear his boots and helm), and wields the enchanted mace Clutterbane (which has many interesting effects, but no charge, rendering the effects useless).

If you talk to him by using Calm or Chameleon spells, a Barter option is available, but he doesn't sell anything, nor does he have money to buy anything from you.

Killing him will induce the game to issue its essential NPC death warning, although his death will not actually prevent you from completing the Main Quest or any other quest.

There is also a non-hostile Bosmer named Used Clutter Salesman, who mostly sells useless junk. Like his colleague (or boss), Lord Cluttermonkey, he does not have any money with which to buy things. He also has a spell service, but doesn't sell any spells. He carries a Daedric Warhammer.

The purpose of this cell has not been confirmed, but examination of its contents suggests that it was used by the developers to speed up world creation. Since certain arrangements of furniture and items (such as plates on tables and bottles on shelves) are very common in the world, but take a long time to put together, they have been assembled in this area where they can be copied and pasted to where they are needed. Also included in the area are the complete interiors for the Dunmer fishing shacks found around the coast of Vvardenfell.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Lord Cluttermonkey Male Argonian Farmer 45 550 380 0 90 Merchant
Used Clutter Salesman Male Bosmer Smuggler 40 437 36 0 30 Spell Merchant; Merchant