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Yanemus Mine
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# of Zones 1
Mine Type Ebony
# of Samples 16 in rocks
1-3 held by miners
Ashlanders, Rats, Shalks
Console Location Code(s)
Yanemus Mine
Red Mountain, [4,7]
Yanemus Mine

Yanemus Mine is an ebony mine just east of Odrosal inside the southeastern edge of the Ghostfence. The mine is located just over the hill from the fortress, staffed by a few enterprising Ashlanders. This particular vein is not under the jurisdiction of the Imperials, for no guards or outlander supervisors are present. The workers do not seem to be bothered by the large amount of Sixth House activity around Red Mountain.

The game does not regard the Ashlander miners as belonging to any particular clan, but it seems most likely that they are Zainabs: since a House Hlaalu quest reveals that the Zainab Ashlanders have discovered a source of ebony and are looking for a market, and Hlaalu want to monopolise that market before anybody else gets in. How the workers get to the mine and back, from any Ashlander camp at all, is not revealed.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Assallit Assunbahanammu Male Dunmer Miner Ashlanders Brother(Brother) 15 163 102 90 30
Tubilalk Mirathrernenum Male Dunmer Miner Ashlanders Clanfriend(Clanfriend) 15 163 102 90 30
Yan-Ahhe Darirnaddunumm Female Dunmer Miner Ashlanders Brother(Brother) 14 150 100 90 30


Map of Yanemus Mine