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Gnaar Mok is a fairly out-of-the-way location, accessible via fast travel only from Hla Oad and Khuul, both of which are similarly remote locations, though Khuul has a Silt Strider to reach the inland locations, and Hla Oad can be used as a stopping-off point to get to Vivec or Ebonheart. The stronghold of Hlormaren is a short walk if you wish to travel via the Propylon Chambers. Very few services are offered here, and there are only a few quests that take you to Gnaar Mok, so if you're looking for a place to set up shop, this might not be the best choice.


An Abandoned Shack

An Abandoned Shack[edit]

Storage: 4 Barrels, 3 Baskets, 1 Crate, 7 Sacks
Occupant(s): None
Description: This tiny shack isn't technically in Gnaar Mok, but just south of it, on an island at the end of the small archipelago. It has a hammock, table, stool and a little boat outside. There's an Exclusive Potion of Shadow and 25 gold hidden in a nearby tree stump, and two more floating barrels behind the shack on the other side of the big rocks. There are also 2 pearls underneath an overturned bowl on the desk, and 100 gold in a cloth sack behind the hammock, and a few loose gold pieces in between the floorboards. The shack also contains a worn and weathered note, underneath the book No-h's Picture Book of Wood.

Anglalos' Shack

Anglalos' Shack[edit]

Storage: 1 Crate, 6 Sacks
Occupant(s): None (Anglalos wanders around outside)
Description: Anglalos is a poor Bosmer of no importance. His small shack on the south side of town holds fairly little of interest, but there is a copy of The Rear Guard, a Light Armor skill book, sitting on the crate in the corner. Other than that, some ingredients and low-grade clothing are all that can be found here. The door has a 20 point lock, and there is no key.

Arenim Manor

Arenim Manor[edit]

Storage: 12 Barrels, 5 Baskets, 2 Chests, 1 Closet, 6 Crates, 1 Drawers, 9 Sacks, 2 Small Chests, 2 Urns
Occupant(s): Almse Arenim, Drarus Berano, Dridas Salvani, Andilo Thelas (on balcony outside)
Description: By far the largest building in town, this manor is occupied by four members of House Hlaalu, none of whom are involved in any quests, though two of them are trainers. If you are also a member of the House, you may use the beds here freely. Despite the rich appointment of this manor, there is fairly little of value to the adventurer here, being mostly limited to ingredients found in the many containers. They belong to Almse Arenim, however, so try not to get caught looting them.

Caryadrel's Shack

Caryarel's Shack[edit]

Storage: 2 Barrels, 1 Chest, 1 Crate, 5 Sacks
Occupant(s): None (Caryarel wanders around outside)
Description: This small shack on the southern dock is home to the Altmer Caryarel, who can be found standing outside. You can pickpocket the key from Caryarel, or just pick the easy 20 point lock. In one of the barrels is a Limeware Bowl stolen from the Imperial Cult. There's little else of value here.

Jerian Dolbanitte's Shack

Jerian Dolbanitte's Shack[edit]

Storage: 3 Barrels, 1 Crate, 6 Sacks
Occupant(s): Jerian Dolbanitte
Description: This moderate-sized shack on the north dock is home to Jerian Dolbanitte, a Breton of no consequence. The door is unlocked, but it contains little of value beyond a selection of cheap ingredients in the various containers, and Jerian might object to you looting them, so it's not really worth the effort.

Mush-Mere's Shack

Mush-Mere's Shack[edit]

Storage: 3 Barrels, 4 Sacks
Occupant(s): Mush-Mere
Description: This small shack next door to Jerian's on the north dock has only one item of interest in it: a copy of 2920, First Seed, a Spear skill book. The Argonian resident won't mind if you read it, so long as you don't take it with you. There's some cheap ingredients in some of the containers, but nothing worth the effort.

Nadene Rotheran and her shack

Nadene Rotheran's Shack[edit]

Storage: 2 Barrels, 3 Crates, 7 Sacks
Occupant(s): Anas Ulven, Daren Adryn, Nadene Rotheran (outside), Selvura Andrano, Sodrara Andalas
Description: This larger shack near the wall separating the town from Arenim Manor is a Camonna Tong hideout. The owner, Nadene Rotheran, is found outside, and is not herself a member of the Tong. Three of the people inside offer a variety of services, but given the general hostility of the Camonna Tong to outlanders, you're not likely to get a good deal from any of them.

Rostlogi's Shack

Rostlogi's Shack[edit]

Storage: 6 Barrels, 1 Basket, 1 Crate, 7 Sacks
Occupant(s): Rostlogi
Description: This medium-sized shack on the south dock is home to Rostlogi, a Nord woman of no importance. Like most of the shacks here, it has little of value in it beyond some cheap ingredients and knick-knacks. And Rostlogi's presence in the shack means it's not easy pickings unless you're very stealthy or have a murderous streak, so it's not really worth the trouble.