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Roleplaying revamp[edit]

133 pages, trimmed down to just 13!

Roleplaying pages already in new format[edit]

These are the Roleplaying pages that are already in the new format that I've added to/rewrote:

Pages I'm creating in the new format[edit]

Pages that I plan to prod[edit]

These are the pages that I'm planning to propose for deletion - any objections?


Thoughts? --GuildKnightTalk2me 06:59, 15 January 2009 (EST)

That's... brilliant. I've quickly glanced at a couple of the new pages and they seem fine. My only concern is the length of one or to (Citizen especially), but I imagine that will sort itself out as ideas are combined or removed. I'll look through in greater detail when I have a chance, and also take a look at the list of pages for deletion, but nothing jumps out as being unreasonable there either. Great piece of work! I can't imagine how you could stand it! –RpehTCE 07:11, 15 January 2009 (EST)
I like the format idea but i dont really know what you mean to do witht he pages "That I plan to prod" Zalphon 10:54, 15 January 2009 (EST)
Sorry 'bout that... "prod" is shorthand for "proposed for deletion". Doesn't sound very nice if you don't know what it means, though, huh?  ;) --GuildKnightTalk2me 11:35, 15 January 2009 (EST)

I'm on board.--Ratwar 11:37, 15 January 2009 (EST)

Okay, I've looked through a bit more.
I think Citizen can be split into something like "Jobs" and "Lifestyles" to keep the size down. Apprentice, Chef,Farmer, Inn Helper, Miner, Noble, Sailor, Servant, Slave, Teacher, Vintner, and Worker would go in the first; Diseased Patient, Family Member, Lothario, Lunatic, Peasant, Retiree, Sewer Dweller, and Weynon Priory Resident in the second. I'd move Addict from the Criminal page into Lifestyles too.
A similar split could happen with Government - move the police suggestions into "Guard"? Not so sure about that one though.
For the prods, I'd be tempted to keep Dark Lord. Yes it's just "How to be Evil", but this kind of thing appeals to quite a few of our readers and something similar will just be recreated. At a stretch, it could be merged into the Government page.
That's all I'd change though. I say again - great piece of work! –RpehTCE 13:20, 15 January 2009 (EST)
To be honest, I kinda like mysterious wanderer and Dark Lord, however the castle guard and raider stuff and the other stuff to be prodded is pretty much not worth its spot...— Unsigned comment by Zalphon (talkcontribs)
I like the idea of merging alot of them together so its easier to find wat ur looking for but i sorta mysterious wanderer and dark lord cause even though they arnt clearly leading anywhere i think they can be used for alot of background info --Tabloes 10:13, 17 January 2009 (EST)

Why delete them? They are just ideas, they're not hurting anything. However, you should merge some. --Oblivion nerd 19:44, 21 January 2009 (EST)

Alright, I've updated it... a total of 15 pages, now... I split what was originally "Citizen" into "Jobs" and "Lifestyles", moved 'Addict' and 'Mysterious Wanderer' into "Lifestyles", moved some items from "Government" into the new "Guard", and moved 'Dark Lord' into "Government". Any other thoughts? --GuildKnightTalk2me 16:38, 22 January 2009 (EST)
I've also just now updated the Guidelines for Contributions on this page using Nephele's suggestions from the RP talk page. --GuildKnightTalk2me 16:58, 22 January 2009 (EST)
Thanks GuildKnight for jumping in and tackling this less-than-rewarding project :) Overall, I'm basically just happy to see it being done. I think that any consolidation of these articles is for the best; the sooner we can get rid of the countless redundant articles, the better. Details of how it gets done seem somewhat secondary. So all of the following suggestions are just minor thoughts that crossed my mind. GuildKnight definitely has more familiarity with all of the articles, so I'll defer to her judgment on any suggestions.
  • With the split of the Government page, "Ruler" might now be a more intuitive title.
  • I'm not sure about combining Ayleid, Daedric Prince, Elemental God, and Vampire. Especially since vampires are a built-in feature of the game; they're not really supernatural in the Elder Scrolls universe. Ayleids also aren't much more than a different race of elf.
    • One option might be to create an "Evil" page which combines Vampire with some of other suggestions that primarily focus on being evil (i.e., Dark Lord). With the length of the Dark Lord article, any page containing it is automatically a non-stub ;)
    • From there, I'm just improvising to find places to hide the other "supernatural" articles. Ayleid can be split, with Ayleid King going to Ruler and Ayleid Warrior going to Warrior. Daedric Prince and Elemental God could be added to Religion? Or add Daedric Prince to Ruler (especially given the specific focus of that article)?
  • Performer and Sportsman seem to me more like things to do when you're bored, rather than roleplay -- and most of the ideas from those articles are somewhere on the bored page. Without those, I don't think the Entertainer article is necessary. Acrobat could go into Lifestyles, Geisha into Jobs?
  • Criminal should perhaps emphasize Thief a bit more -- which may just mean the summary on the Roleplaying page highlights that many of the ideas are appropriate for thieves. My reasoning is that the three prootypes in the game are fighter (combat specialization), mage (magic), and thief (stealth); the main guilds in the game are Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood. For fighters and mages (and assassins), it's completely obvious which roleplaying section is most appropriate, but someone quickly scanning for "Thief" might not immediately see a match. Which, unfortunately, means that it's very likely editors will try to create a new Thief article.
  • The last comment led me to another thought: it might be better to turn some of the obsolete roleplaying articles into redirects, instead of deleting them. In other words, Roleplaying/Thief becomes a redirect to Roleplaying/Criminal. Redirects limit the potential for the articles to be immediately recreated; they may also help readers find the new consolidated articles. It seems worth considering for the most obvious roleplaying topics.
OK, I think that's enough brainstorming for now ;) --NepheleTalk 22:16, 26 January 2009 (EST)

I've moved it all to the Oblivion namespace. Further discussion should take place here. Thanks for everyone's input! --GuildKnightTalk2me 02:24, 29 January 2009 (EST)