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Well, If anyone has something to report/ask about me you can do it here..

Regards, Geniepert.


Welcome to the site! Please check out the UESPWiki:Getting_Started getting started page if you haven't done so yet. Basic thing is look around, and if you see something that needs some work, take a shot. If other people are already working on it, sort it out with them.

Hmmm... Looks like we're a little slow today (server problems?), but you'll hear from other people if you hang around. And the way you sign things is by typing --~~~~ it will expand to your full signature when you save the changes. --Wrye 21:37, 1 April 2007 (EDT)

ey Wrye thanks for the explenation, I really appreciate your suggestions trying to contribute but having not much time at the moment (school exams ) and a bit of inexperience with wiki editing,, but i'm working on that to improve. trying to get more active this summer after the schoolyear

anyway,thank you for the comment

Kind Regards --Geniepert 14:30, 25 April 2007 (EDT)


Saw your note about Morrowind. If you're on the XBox, you're pretty much stuck with what you get. But if you're on the PC, load up on leading mods and play that way. Graphics and general gameplay will improve substantially, and I think that you'll find that in some ways Morrowind is superior to Oblivion. In particular, I would suggest the entire LGNPC series -- huge improvement in dialog -- this is one place where (modded) Morrowind beats Oblivion hands down. Living Cities of Vvardenfell (LCV) provides schedules for most characters (not as good as Oblivion, but still good). MCA (Morrowind Comes Alive) is good for adding more NPCs. There are a large number of graphics replacers which greatly improve the visuals for the game. Tes3Mod:Better Bodies provides much better looking bodies along with clothes. For more suggestions, see Telesphoros' mod list -- or just generally poke around on the forum -- you'll see several topics for newbies looking for mods.

Like I said, overall not as good as Oblivion, but in some areas, it definitely is better. Of course, if you're on the XBox... Never mind! Cheers... --Wrye 15:39, 23 July 2007 (EDT)