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Welcome to my user page, my name is Vincent otherwise known as Vincentius1 and I'm a fan of Elder Scrolls. I'm interested in writing lore for the UESP, as seen with minor pages like Ebon Stadmont or Varanis. Hopefully, I will add large-scale content to the lore pages on UESP like Ebonheart or Alinor, or more, but only time will tell. Check out some of my work linked below, to get an idea of my stuff. Thanks and have a good day.


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Fictional Lorebooks[edit]

  • Duel of Iron Might (High Kinlord Landomas Mothralion of Cloudrest) — A historical recount of the Duel of Iron Might & Early-Summerset.
  • The Royal Lineage of House Ra'athim (Arch-Mage Vess Othrelos of Necrom) — A book describing the influential figures of the Great House Ra'athim.
  • River Trade of the Nibenay (Count Kastav Tharn of Cheydinhal) — A book describing the river trading system of the Nibenay, used by the Imperials.
  • The Rugged Lands of Tenmar (King Ri'Zaman of Orcrest) — A book detailing the hidden world of the Tenmar Forest of Elsweyr.
  • Wild Elves of Tamriel (Sage Tjurhane Fyrre of Nibenay) — A book detailing the history of the Tribal Wild Elves (written in 2E 184).