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Some thoughts about priorities when editing...

  • Lore pages - I feel it's best that I don't touch them at all right now, but I see them as the most important part of UESP because they effectively cumulate information across all namespaces
  • Quests/Dungeons walkthroughs and significant NPC's/Creatures - the biggest problem for me is writing long bits of walkthroughs and stuff, otherwise I'd love to do more on those
  • Skills and achievements, the more technical part of game - it's very important, not the least because it's an online game, the info needs to be up to date, but somehow it has felt less interesting for me
  • DLC - putting it here, because it kind of relates to the "being up to date" aspect
  • Locations
  • Books
  • Minor locations/NPC's/creatures - this is a huge time sink, but the completionist in me forces me to do this. And it's relaxing!
  • Wiki-tasks that are not about adding content - don't see myself doing that at all. We have like 3 people adding content, and 10 people patrolling it. I mean, you get the idea :P It should be the other way around!
  • Revamping stuff - yeah... Possibly the quickest way to burning yourself out and disappearing after 5 months, 5000 edits, and when you've realized you took on more than you could handle. Definitely not going there

Well apparently I've spent most of my editing time on new DLC content for quite some time, it's likely I continue with that. Tib (talk) 17:31, 3 February 2018 (UTC)


  • creatures - coral crab, nixad, springbok, bright moons lunar moth, alinor ringtail, grpyhon, mud hopper, lesser sea adder, salamander, reef viper, indrik, fledgeling gryphon, yaghra larva / spewer / monstrosity / strider, ogrim igniter, dire wolf (new design?), alavlin beetle
  • factions - night runners, storm sharks, black wake (shimmerene), graven (red temple), sagacians (tor-hame-khard)
  • texts needed - disciplinary action, writ of valid credentials + night captain thingy + archons grove book missing in game + The Inexplicable Patron: Mephala - random bookcases?





Not part of any collection / Added to old collections

  • Adventurers Wanted - announcement board in Vivec city, starts A Call for aid - not created
  • Captain's Note - Captain Svadstar - Firemoth Island - not created
  • Diviner's Journal - Forgotten Wastes
  • Excavation Orders - Forgotten Wastes
  • Freshly-Penned Note - called Freshly Penned Note in game
  • Guardian's Decree - Forgotten Wastes
  • Magister Therana's Correspondence (is this Letter to Eraven??)
  • Nevena's Diary - Forgotten Wastes - not created
  • Servitude Contract
  • Six Are the Walking Ways - ??
  • The High Strider - Gnisis inn
  • Pierced Note - Redoran kinhouse in Balmora - not created


Main Questline

  • Divine Conundrum - detailed walkthrough
  • Divine Inquiries - detailed walkthrough/images
  • Divine Delusions - detailed walkthrough/images
  • Divine Intervention - detailed walkthrough
  • Divine Disaster - detailed walkthrough
  • Divine Restoration - detaild walkthrough/images
  • Divine Blessings - detailed walkthrough

Other locations

  • Ald-ruhn
    • Ancestral Ties - detailed walkthrough
    • Ashlander Relations (-> repeatables) - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Ash-Eater Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Great Zexxin Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • King Razor-Tusk Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Mother Jagged-Claw Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Old Stomper Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Tarra-Suj Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Writhing Sveeth Hunt - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Ashalmawia - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Ashurnabitashpi - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Assarnatamat - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Dushariran - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Ebernanit - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Maelkasishi - detailed walkthrough/image
    • Relics of Yasammidan - detailed walkthrough/image
  • Balmora
    • Fleeing the Past - detailed walkthrough, img
    • Of Faith and Family - walkthroughs, img
    • A Purposeful Writ - walkthroughs, img
    • Family Reunion - walkthroughs, img
    • The Memory Stone - walkthroughs
  • Gnisis
    • A Melodic Mistake - more images, otherwise seems complete
    • Hatching A Plan - detailed walkthrough, more images
    • Haunted Grounds - detailed walkthrough, img
  • Molag Mar
    • An Armiger's Duty - detailed walkthrough, check journal (?)
  • Sadrith Mora
    • A Hireling of House Telvanni - done
    • Rising to Retainer - done
    • Objections and Obstacles - img
    • The Magister Makes a Move - walkthroughs, img
    • The Heart of a Telvanni - walkthroughs, img
    • Bound By Love - walkthroughs, img, check journal
  • Seyda Neen
    • Breaking Through the Fog - need to check journal, but seems complete otherwise
    • Broken Bonds (Tutorial) - detailed walkthrough
  • Suran
    • Nothing to Sneeze At - detailed walkthrough
    • The Scarlet Judge - detailed walkthrough, img
  • Vivec City
    • A Call for Aid (-> repeatables) - detailed walkthrough, journal, img
    • A Late Delivery - detailed walkthrough, check journal, img
    • The Ancestral Tombs - seems to be close to complete
    • The Lost Library - walkthroughs, more images
    • To Tel Fyr - img, detailed walkthrough
Hall of Justice Repeatables
    • Kwama Conundrum - detailed walkthrough, img
    • Daedric Disruptions - walkthroughs, img, desc
    • Planting Misinformation - walkthroughs, img
    • Tax Deduction - walkthroughs, img
    • Tribal Troubles - walkthroughs, img, desc
    • Unsettled Syndicate - walkthroughs, img
    • The Anxious Apprentice - detailed walkthrough, img
    • A Creeping Hunger - walkthroughs, img, desc
    • Culling the Swarm - walkthroughs, img, desc
    • Oxen Free - walkthroughs, img, desc
    • Salothan's Curse - walkthroughs, img, desc
    • Siren's Song - walkthroughs, img, desc
  • Vos
    • Reclaiming Vos - img, detailed walkthrough
    • At Any Cost - detailed walkthrough
  • Battlegrounds
    • For Glory - img, detailed walkthrough (?), some misc info
    • Let the Games Begin - not created
    • Test of Mettle - not created
    • To the Victor - not created

Other quests

  • Ancestral Adversity (Narsis Dren) - walkthroughs, img
  • A Dangerous Breed (Matus-Akin) - walkthroughs, img
  • Echoes of a Fallen House (Forgotten Wastes) - img, detailed walkthrough, xp
  • Forging the Future (HoF) - img, add to walkthrough
  • The Heart's Desire (Nchuleftingth) - detailed walkthrough, images
  • A Hidden Harvest (Zainsipilu) - detailed walkthrough, images
  • If the Spell Fits - detailed walkthrough
  • Like Blood from a Stone (Vassir-Didanat) - walkthroughs, more images
  • A Smuggler's Last Stand (Khartag Point) - detailed walkthrough, images
  • A Web of Troubles - walkthroughs, more images

Categories, and more[edit]

IC questline dialogue[edit]

Knowledge Is Power[edit]

Copied to the quest page

Of Brands and Bones[edit]

The Bleeding Temple[edit]

The Imperial Standard[edit]

The Lock and the Legion[edit]

The Watcher in the Walls[edit]

The Sublime Brazier[edit]

Shadows of the Hist[edit]


in the central chamber - "Love what you've done with the place. Messy. Sends a message, yeah? Portcullises over the gates? I didn't expect them to roll out the welcome mat, but this seems excessive. We're going to have to find another way out of here." and "I'll hold this room while you're gone. Don't dawdle, all right?" Speak to her and she says, "They could have had the decency to leave us a ladder or something. Never trust a crazy spider-cultist to have your best interests in mind." After exiting the Spider Cave and reaching the levers to open the gates, "I've got this. Push the lever!" and "Creepy little bastard ...." When you've opened the North Gate and before going to explore that wing, "We've really stirred up the nest. If we want to rescue Tsatva-Lan and Geel-Ma we'll have to move quickly."

After unlocking the other gate and meeting Tsatva-Lan, he yells "Hides-the-Ashes. If she is here, she will die like the rest. Now, you wanted proof of my loyalty? Bear witness." and "(?) a brother. Seek out Velidreth and receive your blessing."

Hides-the-Ashes - "That bastard. He didn't even let Geel-Ma die with a knife in his hand." and "I need a moment to ... sort this out. Kill that smoke-skin bastard, Dranos, and we'll regroup afterward." Speak to her and she apologizes, "I am sorry I misled you. I really thought that Tsatva had been taken. Foolish sentiment, yeah? Not a mistake I'll make again, trust me."

You seem ....
"Tense? Yeah, finding out that a trusted friend has become a murderous traitor will do that to you."
So, do you plan to capture him, or—?
"If by "capture" you mean "terminate with extreme prejudice," then yes, that's exactly what I plan to do.
He's murdered his shell-kin, and thrown in his lot with filthy spider worshipers. That's not the kind of blasphemy you get to walk away from."
He's probably still in the next room. If we go in together—?
"Maybe. I could ... no. No, thank you. I'm upset. I never kill anyone when I'm upset. Just have to take a moment. Let it simmer, yeah? Put things in perspective. You understand."
All right. Any advice for facing Velador?
"Don't get stabbed? Sorry, that's the full extent of what I can offer right now.
I've never tangled with Dranos, but I've heard all the stories. Rumor is he drinks spider venom and eats the liver of any man he kills. He's fast. Too fast. Be careful."


  • Anka-Ra faction. i guess there are both normal (Craglorn) and elite enemies (HR Citadel) with identical names, so this should be checked and then noted
  • NPC Thaenaneth outside the observatory (new?)
  • Brown-Tooth (new?) - gives Warrior's Call
  • Regent Cassipia/Little Leaf locations + all the quests

To do[edit]

akkra gra korma, uthik, kulth, zagrakh, troll colossus, iron orc generic members... atildel?, hara, kailstig the axe,kelmen locke, mighty mordra, nazdura, the thief, titus valerius ..... akranos, first encounter inside ilthags tower, mederic v. dialogue .... enraging welwa, azdarmu, zalik

  • Crossroads Encampment NPCs
  • Dragonstar Arena NPCs (outside)
  • Check Craglorn Secrets on PTS
  • Rahni'Za - abelazar, master timen, wapzgin, dehanar, abrunul


Name Image(s) Quick Walkthr. Det. Walkthr. Journal Dialogue Comments
Upper Craglorn
Iron and Scales yes yes yes yes yes done
Souls of the Betrayed yes yes yes yes no done
Taken Alive yes yes yes yes yes done (walkthrough language?)
The Blood of Nirn yes yes yes yes no done
The Gray Passage yes yes yes yes no done
The Truer Fangs yes yes yes yes no done
The Oldest Ghost yes yes Trial quest / walkthroughs
Uncaged yes yes yes yes no done
Lower Craglorn
Assaulting the Citadel yes Trial quest / needs images and walkthroughs
Critical Mass yes yes yes no yes done (414 gold as reward, dno whats up with that)
Gem of the Stars yes yes yes yes yes done
Message Unknown yes yes yes yes yes done
Strange Lexicon yes yes yes yes yes done
Supreme Power yes yes yes yes yes done
The Fallen City of Shada yes yes yes yes yes done, and solod ^^
The Mage's Tower yes yes no no no Trial quest / incomplete
The Reason We Fight yes yes yes yes yes done
The Seeker's Archive yes yes yes yes no done
The Trials of Rahni'Za no yes yes yes yes done
Trial of Martial Knowledge X X X X X deleted page
Trial of the True Path X X X X X deleted page
Waters Run Foul yes yes yes yes yes ending/rewards - need a 2nd person to complete quest
The Star-Gazers yes yes yes yes yes done
The Corrupted Stone yes yes yes no yes journal/reward/walkthrough/more img
The Warrior's Call yes yes yes no yes journal/reward/more img
Elemental Army yes yes yes no yes journal/xp/more img
The Shattered and the Lost yes yes yes yes yes xp
The Missing Guardian yes yes yes yes no dialogue/rewards
The Serpent's Fang no yes yes no yes img/journal/rewards/walkthrough
Holding Court no yes yes no yes
A Leaf in the Wind yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed / adjust XP&Gold
Slithering Brood no yes yes no  ? journal/rewards/img/walkthrough
Dawn of the Exalted Viper yes yes yes no yes journal/xp/img
The Time-Lost Warrior yes yes yes yes yes done

Craglorn group delves[edit]

Name Image Summary/Quests/etc Related npc/creature Comments
Balamath yes done Nomeg, trio of Blackcaster mages Parel Nirus (quest boss) image/health missing
Buried Sands yes done Den Mother, The Swarming Tide
Chiselshriek Mine yes done The Gracious Beacon
Exarch's Stronghold yes done Grothuska, Iron Orc Fire Shaman, Exarch Braadoch, Kurzoth, Ordooth the Corruptor, Agganor
Fearfangs Cavern yes done Sepilisk, Lakorrah the Matron
Haddock's Market yes done Ariana At-Fara, Grandmother Thunder
Hircine's Haunt yes done Iron Head, Packleader Sigmund
The Howling Sepulchers yes done Akiirdal, Rosathild
Ilthag's Undertower yes done Uzka, Killraken, Stormbringer, Ilthag, Vosh, Rahk Stormbringer image missing
Loth'Na Caverns yes done Visskar
Molavar yes done Magdra Ibrai, Charnel Cage, Thalie the Voracious
Mtharnaz yes done Brass Hatchling, Skillful Seamstress
Rkhardahrk yes done The Last Sentinel
Rkundzelft yes done Mzeklok
Ruins of Kardala yes done Satagna, Rajdara, Ahmat, Mazar Rajdara image missing
Serpent's Nest yes done Auriea, Lauriea, Tauriea, Hruzizolk
Tombs of the Na-Totambu yes done Yokudan warrior trio, Hungry Pillar, Prince Tarjal Missing quest boss and map image
Zalgaz's Den yes done Zalgaz Handmaidens image/health missing


To do[edit]


You will find him muttering, "Malacath, we have failed you." When spoken to, he says, "The pyre—it must burn!"

What pyre?
"Malacath's pyre, at the heart of Old Orsinium. My order lights it every decade, but those of us chosen to set it aflame were ambushed."
Who did this to you?
"Doesn't matter. Light the brazier to begin the Rites of Praise and Scorn. Malacath will guide you through Hammer's Bypass and Temper's Fork, if you are worthy of his regard.
Vengeance, for Malacath. Promise me you'll light the pyre—swear it!"
I swear it.
"Now, I can finally rest."
Is there something I can do for you?
"Lighting Malacath's pyre is all you can do. Every ten years, it must be lit anew.
For a thousand years we have done this. We will do so for a thousand more."
Why is it so important to light the pyre?
"Malacath never forgets. Malacath never forgives.
We honor Old Orsinium's creation and scorn its fall. My order shows Malacath we will not repeat their mistakes."
Tell me about your order.
"The Wrathful Flame binds Malacath's anger to the failures of our people. We must always remember what led us to our doom."
Rest, Nashruth.

When he dies, he whispers, "My soul to the Ashen Forge ...."

Aspect of Malacath[edit]

<the first part when you talk to him is missing>

"Another seeks to light my pyre. Weaker than those who fell? We shall see."

Malacath will comment on each honored clans,

"Praised are Morkul, unrivaled in their craft. Their steel was as legendary as their tempers, the second pillar of strength in Orsinium."
"Praised are Igrun, who ruled with steel blade and iron will. Ruthless, fearless leaders will strengthen all who follow."
"Praised are Tumnosh, the great builders. They did not fear the weight of mountains as they carved and shaped Orsinium."
"Praised are Shatul, the peerless hunters. They strengthened the Orcs who worked steel and stone for the glory of Orsinium."
"If there are not tools to build strong walls, then there is no need for weapons to defend. And if you cannot feed your people, there will be nothing to rule. A strong ruler is nothing if he stands alone."

When you talk to him after entering Hammer's Bypass, he says, "You honored those who forged Old Orsinium from nothing. Now you will curse those who caused her fall."

Why would I curse the clans?
"Those who cannot unite against a common enemy will fall. Thus the fate of Old Orsinium. For this, they earned my scorn.
Beyond are the guardians of my wrath. They will keep you from lighting my pyre."
Why would your own guardians try to stop me?
"Mortal lives are a litany of despair and treachery. Only wrath can see you through the darkest days.
Succeed, despite all who oppose you. Grasp at a most spiteful triumph!"
All right, I'll open the door and light the great pyre.

Malacath will also comment on each of the scorned clans,

"Cursed are Bagrakh for lighting the fire that engulfed Orsinium. Warriors should raid the weak to draw out worthy opposition—they should not grow to enjoy it."
"Cursed are Shatul who hoarded the food amidst the siege. Their greed weakened all clans in body and spirit, sealing Orsinium's doom."
"Cursed are Fharun for not fighting to the death. At the first suggestion from the others, they slipped away so one clan might survive Orsinium's fall. Their departure was Orsinium's true betrayal."
"Cursed are Igrun who praised the raiding done in their name. They hid behind these walls when called to account, rather than face their opponents directly."



Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Inside Tribune's Folly[edit]

During the fight with Limenauruus

Lord Nunex Faleria: "This place is not meant for you. Get out!"
Shadow Shadecaller: "Purge!"
Lord Nunex Faleria: "This beast will consume your bravery—and your shattered bones."
Shadow Assassin: "Drown in darkness!"
Lord Nunex Faleria: "Give yourself over to me, become my will made manifest!"
Lord Nunex Faleria: "This creature has limits. I do not. Take my power!"
Shadow Archer: "Trespassers!"
Lord Nunex Faleria: "The beast and I are one! Our victory is assured!"
Shadow Shadecaller: "You are his now!"
Lord Nunex Faleria: "The darkness weighs heavy. So tired. I must ... rest."

Debts of War[edit]

Taranal - "You must help me! I told this hateful cat everything I know! I was just following orders! You don't say no to a woman like Captain Apinia."

Razum-dar - "This one must respectfully request that you move along. Raz has dangerous business in these ruins and you would just get in Raz's way. Unless .... You would be willing to help stop a dangerous war criminal, yes?"

Razum-dar - "My friend! What a happy coincidence! This one never imagined to find you skulking around an Ayleid ruin! Since you are already here, you will help Raz deal with a dangerous war criminal, yes?" (If you have met Razum-dar before)

What kind of dangerous criminal?
"Only the notorious Butcher of Bravil—Captain Jena Apinia! My talkative prisoner finally revealed the Captain's location. And she's close. Very close.
Soon, with your assistance, Raz will make her pay for her crimes of war and terror."
What did Captain Apinia do exactly?
"The coward and her loyal soldiers fled Imperial City when the chains fell. In Bravil, they stole valuable items to finance their retirement. When the mayor complained, she ordered her soldiers to start killing. Now Raz must make an example of her."
I'll help you deal with this war criminal and recover the items.
"This one recognized you as a warrior of distinction! We should split up, yes? Explore separately and locate the Captain and the stolen items.
If you find the Captain before I do, please give her Raz's utmost regards. Preferably, right in the heart"
"This one hoped you would say that. We made a most-excellent team in the past.
Raz suggests we split up to cover more ground. Locate the Captain and the items. And if you find her before I do, please give her my regards—right in the heart, yes?" (If you met before)

If you haven't met him before -

Who are you again?
"Questions? At a time like this? As you wish ....
This one is Razum-dar, just a simple Khajiit who seeks the best for all people of Tamriel. And a soap that won't dry the fur. One day ...."
Then why are you chasing a war criminal?
"Some answers are too dangerous to hear, yes? But this one is also an Eye of the Queen. That means ... no, nevermind what that means.
Just understand. Captain Apinia decided it was all right to kill innocent people. For that, Raz will make her pay."

If you met him before -

It's good to see you again, my friend!
"Raz is happy to see you, as well! We had such adventures helping Queen Ayrenn, yes?
But we can reminisce later. Drink ourselves silly and tell tales to make each other gasp and smile. Now we have a war criminal to punish!"
Did Queen Ayrenn send you to the Gold Coast?
"The Queen's Eyes go where they need to go, my friend. Raz would ask you the same, but this one thinks it would be better not to know the answer to that question, yes?
Still, Raz is glad you're here. Now let's go deal with Captain Apinia."

You can then ask a few more questions -

Tell me about the items that were stolen.
"Official trinkets. Valuable to the right people, Raz supposes, but mostly important to Bravil's citizens.
Let's see .... There's the city's seal, the tax collector's ledger, and the mayor's signet ring. You can see why Bravil wants them back, yes?"
What's Captain Apinia doing in these ruins?
"Raz's friend here, a pirate on the ship Apinia hired, says they found safe haven with the agents of the Gold Coast Trading Company.
What they're doing in the ruins, Raz has no clue."
So the Gold Coast Trading Company is evil?
"Evil? Raz doesn't like to judge. Greedy? As the day is long! Raz is feeling generous, maybe he'll send Apinia's head to the company's boss when we're done.
Meanwhile, my friend will sit quietly while we hunt. Or he'll be dead. Raz can't decide."

Taranal - "You have my word. Let me live and I'll never trouble anyone again. I'll go far away. Become a farmer. Just let me live!"

When you return -

"Nothing sharpens the claws like dispatching criminals and murderers! And we all survived, which makes the victory that much sweeter."
We killed the war criminal and recovered the stolen items.
"Apinia is dead, so she won't slaughter any more citizens. That will please Queen Ayrenn, which pleases Raz. And we recovered Bravil's trinkets. A good day's work, yes?
This one might stick around. Look into Trading Company. Stay fragrant, my friend!"

A Profitable Venture[edit]


I still don't know exactly how I'm supposed to present all this. Tib (talk) 11:49, 25 June 2016 (UTC)


Taking the quest -

"Have you come to hear the will of our Night Mother?" / "Are you prepared for the day's bloody work?" / "Assassin, come. Speak with me." / "Yes, Assassin?" / "Night Mother smile upon you, Silencer." / "The hunger of your blade is a blessing for which we remain grateful." / "The Void beckons, Silencer."
Do you have anything for me today, Speaker?
"Yes, praise Sithis. The Black Sacrament has been performed and we have a new target. The Night Mother awaits her due." / "I do. The Night Mother/Our beloved Night Mother has received a petition. The time has come to take a life." / "Yes. The Night Mother whispered (to the Listener) and the Listener has spoken. Our Dread Father demands blood."
Who do I need/have to kill?

Speaker Terenus presents the location -

"Before I give you the name, I would like to propose a challenge. An opportunity to demonstrate your prowess. Indulge me and I will reward you.

My challenge is, of course, a secondary concern. As long as the target dies, the Sacrament is fulfilled."

"Before we proceed, I offer you a challenge. Two in fact. Consider it a bonus—a chance to demonstrate your skill. If you succeed, I'll reward you. If you fail? So be it.

As long as the target dies, the Sacrament is fulfilled."

"Before we begin, I offer you a chance to truly impress our dark patrons. Two challenges. Complete these tasks and receive additional rewards.

Just be sure to kill the target. As long as they die, our Dread Father will be satisfied."

I'm listening
"Your target awaits in Trader's Cove. Fortuitous. It seems there's some kind of party going on in that cave. Slaying revelers is ever so satisfying." Trader's Cove - Sanguine's Revelers
"Your target awaits in the Smuggler's Den. It's a damp and torchlit cave—the perfect hiding place for fugitives and witless thugs." Smuggler's Den - Dragonstar Caravaneers, Imperial University scriveners
"You must go to the Sewer Tenement. I hear it's remarkably cozy, for a sewer. Full of the little comforts that put our targets at ease—that make them careless." Sewer Tenement - Resolutes of Stendarr, Baandari Peddlers
"You'll be seen as/considered a trespasser there, so if you want to avoid a bounty then you should avoid being seen."

Presenting the challenges -

What do I need to do?
"Fear is one of the Brotherhood's greatest allies, but we treasure silence as well.

Show me that you are the master of quiet dread. Complete your task without alerting the residents of Trader's Cove to your presence."

"True followers of Sithis are like wraiths—only visible when they wish to be.

Show me that you are a master of stealth. Complete your task without alerting the residents of the Smuggler's Den to your presence."

"The sewer is a tangled nest of tunnels and cisterns. Even the most wary assassin can be caught off guard there. But we are much more than assassins, aren't we?

Complete your task without alerting the residents of the Sewer Tenement to your presence."

I understand.
"The Night Mother's children must be as swift as they are deadly, like the strike of a coiled serpent.

With that in mind, I challenge you to complete your task before the Cove Overseer arrives."

"The work of an assassin demands secrecy, certainly, but also speed. Our knives must strike quickly. Decisively.

With that in mind, I challenge you to finish your dark work before the tunnel's Overseer arrives."

"I'm eager to see just how swift you are. This is the perfect opportunity to put your speed to the test.

An Overseer stalks those sewers periodically. My challenge is simple: kill your mark and escape the sewers before the Overseer arrives."

The variable challenges -

What is your second challenge?
"I know you have many weapons at your disposal, but our Dread Father's blade must be blooded to keep its edge. The time has come to honor Sithis.

Use the Blade of Woe to slay your target."

Kill your target with the Blade of Woe
"The Blade of Woe is one of our most sacred tools. It is a pure manifestation of our Dread Father's will, you see?

Honor our Brotherhood and Sithis by killing the target with the Blade of Woe."

Kill your target with the Blade of Woe
"If blood is to be spilled, let it be spilled in Sithis's name. Use the Blade of Woe. In doing so, you honor your Dread Father and the Brotherhood." Kill your target with the Blade of Woe
"It seems that our target has a taste for the fouler things in life. We should give them a taste of their own bitter medicine, don't you agree?

Use poison to kill your prey."

Kill your target with Poison
"Any common footpad can murder someone. It's knowledge, refinement, and discipline that set a true assassin apart.

Show me that you are truly committed to your craft. Use poison to kill this target."

Kill your target with Poison
"The Brotherhood is not without mercy. Some of our targets are given a quick and painless death. Others? Well ... our kindless has limits.

Your quarry must die in agony. Use your most lethal poisons and you will be richly rewarded."

Kill your target with Poison
Anything else?
"A feckless would-be assassin has been cutting into our profits. The peddler Tebeba insults our Dread Father by using this assassin and not coming to us for her death-dealing needs.

Kill her in the Brotherhood's name."

Kill Tebeba
"He's an Argonian named Bur-Waska. A very successful gambler, I'm told. Our client insisted that Bur-Waska is a shameless cheater—as if such things matter to us.

Kill this lizard."

Kill Bur-Waska
"Our client asked us to destroy some Important Documents that the target pilfered some time ago. Evidence of some petty indiscretion no doubt. Such matters are typically beneath our notice, but the client has ... deep pockets.

Find the documents and destroy them."

Destroy Important Documents
"The client requested that we destroy one of the target's favored possessions—a Custom-Made Hookah. It is an heirloom, you see? All that history ... all those memories, gone in an instant.

Sithis will be pleased to see it destroyed."

Destroy the Custom-Made Hookah
"I'm told that the target has a treasured pet named "Lucky." Pathetic sentiment. Our Dread Father has nothing but scorn for the tamed and the weak. Slay this beast in his name." Kill Lucky
"An Orc named Lamzakha. She's a low-level dealer for a skooma-cartel. Or she was. Somehow she managed to make off with a king's ransom after a ... failed transaction. Her employers want her dead.

Kill her."

Kill Lamzakha
"Our target has come into possession of a rare Dwarven Relic. There are many parties who are interested in acquiring it, and I'd rather not have people poking around after a murder.

Destroy this bauble. Leave no trace."

Destroy the Dwarven Relic
"Herminius Andus and our target are apparently inseparable. Let it not be said that I am without sentiment.

Kill this Imperial. They will be united in death."

Kill Herminius Andus
"According to our client, the target loves a certain Engraved Flute more than anything. A puzzling obsession, but who am I to judge?

Destroy this heirloom while you're there."

Destroy the Engraved Flute
"A bard named Savilian Colus. He is a talentless fool who loiters outside the Cathedral of Akatosh both day and night. One of the Chanters grew weary of his off-key singing and performed the Black Sacrament.

Kill this would-be musician."

Kill Savilian Colus

Primary target -

Who is my target?
"A Breton named Geon Alinie. He's a chronicler—a very fine one I'm told. Alas, his desire to root out the truth has set him afoul of some very dangerous people.

Kill him."

"A chef named Daynil Uveleth. She was called to prepare a great feast for House Hlaalu. Alas, she used sour kwama eggs in her famous souffle. Dark Elf nobles are not fond of parties that end with relentless vomiting.

Kill this cook."

"A Nord woman named Brunka. The client didn't offer any reasons for why he wanted her dead—but he was wearing nothing but a pearl necklace and wooden shoes when our brother arrived, so I assume he's just insane.

Slay Brunka."

"Alard Cerone. Just a poor fool who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He bumbled into a particularly heinous Sanguinary feast while the revelers were not wearing their masks.

He saw too much. Kill him."

"Borcholim. A big-game hunter out of Valenwood. He managed to kill a sacred crocodile on one of his expeditions to Black Marsh. He claimed ignorance, but the local tree-minder was not convinced.

Slay this Wood Elf."

"Herminus Andus. A renowned equestrian. The Courier Stakes is coming up, and the bookkeepers are certain that he'll win. Our client would like to keep Andus out of the saddle. Permanently.

Kill this Imperial."

"A healer named Talrahal. Our client is convinced that Talrahal let his brother die. It's nonsense. The brother had the Knahatan Flu. There was nothing this healer could have done. But that's neither here nor there.

Kill this healer."

"A lovely young High Elf named Rinweril. It was simple adultery. Nothing more. I will never understand why such ... indiscretions drive men to homicide, but then again, I'm only married to my work.

Kill her."

<Target name> will die. <Teleport now.>

When you return -

"Was I not clear, Initiate?" / "Do not dally. A throat awaits your blade's sharp kiss." / "Your victim awaits, Assassin." / "Was there something else, Assassin?" / "There is not much else to be shared about your task. I trust you will make do." / "Sow fear, Silencer." / "You know how best to conduct your work, Silencer."
I have returned, Speaker.
"You've returned alive. I trust your quarry does not share that luxury." / "I await your report, Assassin." / "I trust it's done, Silencer." / "How many have you sent to greet the Dread Father today?"
The target in the Sewer Tenement/Smuggler's Den/Trader's Cove has been eliminated.
"Well done. What about the challenges that I posed for this task?"
I completed all of your challenges.
"Expertly done. I sense that some of (y)our Brothers and Sisters gaze upon you with jealous eyes. This is good. Perhaps that will motivate them to excel.

Take this with the Night Mother's blessing. Return tomorrow. There is always work to be done."

"Exemplary work. You truly have a gift for death//possess the gift of death. (as Assassin)

Return tomorrow. I'm certain we can find more ways to put your skills to the test."

"Performed with all the care befitting the Night Mother's sacred work. Your devotion to this task has not been overlooked.

Return again tomorrow and I'll provide another opportunity to prove your prowess."

I completed some of your challenges.
"A soul has been sent to the Void. Pity that you weren't able to complete both of my challenges, but there's no sense dwelling on your failures.

Here's your reward. Return tomorrow. There is always work to be done."

"Another soul delivered to Sithis. It's unfortunate that things did not go wholly as planned, but the end result is the same. (as Assassin)

Reflect on what occurred. Return tomorrow and use what you have learned"

"Excellent. The Night Mother will be pleased. (putting the place on alert but completing everything else??)

Return tomorrow. I am eager to see you reach your full potential."

Location Primary Target Optional obj. variable Optional obj. constant Speaker Terenus' comments Misc
Sewer Tenement
Alard Cerone Kill Alard Cerone with Blade of Woe

Destroy Custom-Made Hookah

Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Andilo Andrano Kill Andilo Andrano with Poison

Kill Herminius Andus / Destroy the Dwarven Relic

Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Aojee-Ei Kill Aojee-Ei with the Blade of Woe

Destroy the Custom-Made Hookah

Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Herminius Andus Kill Herminius Andus with the Blade of Woe

Kill Lamzakha

Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Lamzakha Kill Lamzakha with Poison

Destroy the Dwarven Relic

Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Talrahal Kill Talrahal with Poison

Kill Herminius Andus

Don't Alert the Sewer Tenement

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Smuggler's Den
Borcholim Kill Borcholim with Poison

Kill Lucky

Don't Alert the Smuggler's Den

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Brunka Kill Brunka with the Blade of Woe

Kill Geon Alinie / Destroy Important Documents

Don't Alert the Smuggler's Den

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Daynil Uveleth Kill Daynil Uveleth with Poison

Kill Bur-Waska

Don't Alert the Smuggler's Den

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Savilian Colus Kill Savilian Colus with Poison

Destroy the Kwama Queen Egg

Don't Alert the Smuggler's Den

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Trader's Cove
Geon Alinie Kill Geon Alinie with the Blade of Woe

Kill Tebeba / Monsashana

Don't Alert the Trader's Cove

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Rinweril Kill Rinweril with Poison

Destroy the Engraved Flute

Don't Alert the Cove

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Monsashana Kill Monsashana with Poison

Destroy the Engraved Flute / Kill Nalosi Orethi

Don't Alert the Trader's Cove

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives

Steidor Kill Steidor with the Blade of Woe

Kill Monsashana

Don't Alert the Trader's Cove

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives


Name What is missing? Comments
DB quests
Voices in the Dark More walkthrough?
Signed in Blood rep and rewards need verifying / more walkthrough
Welcome Home img/walkthrough
A Lesson in Silence walkthrough Same here, killing additional Sermonizers might affect the reward....
Questions of Faith walkthrough Supporting or accusing Hildegard does not seem to matter, other than prompting different dialogue.
A Special Request walkthrough
Dark Revelations more images / walkthrough Tell Astara/not, again, I could not notice anything interesting there.
A Ghost from the Past both walkthroughs mobs - Spectral Murderer, Strangler, Assassin, Punisher
The Wrath of Sithis more images / both walkthroughs
Filling the Void both walkthroughs
Sacrament: Sewer Tenement image / walkthrough / useful advice See above
Sacrament: Smuggler's Cave image / walkthrough / useful advice See above
Sacrament: Trader's Cove image / walkthrough / useful advice See above
Dark Brotherhood Contracts - DONE
Litany of Blood - DONE
Other quests
Buried Evil - DONE
The Common Good maybe more images..
A Cordial Collaboration walkthrough / dialogue
Debts of War walkthrough / dialogue /images
Honest Work walkthrough / dialogue / images
Looming Shadows - DONE
Pious Intervention - DONE "That's enough blasphemy for one day!"
A Profitable Venture walkthrough / images / dialogue
The Roar of the Crowds more images/walkthrough?
The Vampire's Prey walkthrough / images / dialogue
The Sweetroll Killer more walkthrough/images Walkthrough incomplete!

Inter-NPC dialogue inside DB Sanctuary[edit]

NOTE: Every time you enter the Sanctuary, an inter-NPC dialogue triggers near the entrance. The dialogue changes reflecting your progress into the storyline - every "stage" has a couple of dialogues. I guess it should go to the involved NPC pages, but I wonder whether the DB Sanctuary page could have some of it, as well...?

After you and your fellow members have slaughtered some Akatosh priests, you will overhear Kor and Astara talking about Hildegard:

Astara Caerellius: "You're pacing. What don't you want to tell me?"
Kor: "Hildegard isn't taking this well. First Durisa and Van, now Cimbar ... Tanek, barely holding on."
Astara Caerellius: "If you're saying you can't control Hildegard, I'll put her down myself."
Kor: "She's still a child, Astara."
Astara Caerellius: "No. She's a vicious killer who wears a child's form when it suits her. Never forget that."

You will also listen to Astara and Mirabelle:

Astara Caerellius: "You aren't normally so listless. I don't like it."
Mirabelle Motierre: "I pushed Cimbar to take the Grand Sermonizer contract. I feel partly responsible for what happened."
Astara Caerellius: "I wasn't inviting you to share. But you're right. If anyone is to blame for his death, it's you."
Mirabelle Motierre: "What?"
Astara Caerellius: "You wanted to see the limits of his affection. Now you know. He died for you, and you get to live with that."

After A Special Request, Kor and Mirabelle will briefly reminisce about good old times:

Kor: "Do you remember the first contract we took together? That High Elf matron from Summerset?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "I remember you putting poison in five different dinner glasses because you didn't know which one was hers."
Kor: "And then she called for a toast! What was it she said?"
Mirabelle Motierre: ""To our health and family, may they last for countless generations.""
Kor: "The look on their faces before they all dropped? It really took the sting away from splitting our cut."

To do[edit]

  • tower of judgement, josseline, primate artorius, fithia, BLACK DRAGON!....update the recurring npc pages with DB info
  • do the story quest rewards vary depending on completed objectives???

NPCs Amelie Crowe - *possibly* missing one inter-npc dialogue inside sanctuary Speaker Terenus - some dialogue between Terenus and Astara missing, and quest dialogue for Filling the Void

Missing pages: Courier from the quest Voices in the Dark Castle Kvatch & Anvil place articles

Thieves Guild[edit]

To do[edit]

  • NPC pages - compared to DB, this is missing a lot, even on the more 'important' NPCs.
  • Heist locations - where to put this information?
    • NOTE - these are definitely not "multicultural" groups. About every group I've seen only has one same race. Exceptions might exist ofc.
Name Type of Mobs & Elite Mob Encountered Comments
Deadhollow Halls Maulborn cultists - Aghezaidil
Outlaw bandits - Aghezaidil
Stonefire cultists - Aghezaidil
Enforcer, Frost Mage
Butcher, Infernal, Slayer
The Hideaway Highland bandits - The Highland Lion
Smugglers - The Ratcatcher
Dark Witnesses - The Shade-Witch of Mournoth

Enforcer, Mender, Pyromancer, Ravager, Vanquisher
The Glittering Grotto Steel Shrikers - The Exiled Swordsman
Sea Vipers - Kuria
Shademist vampires - The Maiden in the Mist

Enforcer, Mender, Pyromancer, Ravager, Vanquisher
Secluded Sewers Stormfist warriors - Ortvar Bonebreaker
Pack werewolves - Dreadclaw
Stonetalon warriors - Allunen Stoneshaper

Clanslayer, Initiate, Shaman, Thornslinger
Underground Sepulcher Red Rook rogues - Marisette Guillon
Worm Cultists - Bulugbek
Ember-Eye Slavers - Nelmil Gilvilo

Archer, Healer, Recruit, Stalker

TG quests[edit]

Name Images Quick W.thr. Det. W.thr. Journal Dialogue Comments
TG Main Storyline
Partners in Crime yes yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Cleaning House yes yes no yes no
The Long Game yes yes no yes no
A Flawless Plan yes yes no yes no
Forever Hold Your Peace yes yes no yes no
Prison Break yes yes no yes no
Personal Quests
A Double Life no yes no yes no Quen
His Greatest Treasure no yes no yes no Quen
Shell Game no yes no yes no Walks-Softly
Everyone Has A Price no yes no yes no Walks-Softly
A Faded Flower yes yes yes yes no Velsa / de-stubbed
That Which Was Lost no yes no yes no Velsa
The One That Got Away yes yes no yes no Zeira
Guild Jobs Quests
The Cutpurse's Craft yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
The Covetous Countess yes yes yes yes no Areas?
Crime Spree yes yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Idle Hands no yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Plucking Fingers no yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Under Our Thumb no yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Master of Heists yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
Heist: Deadhollow Halls yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
Heist: Glittering Grotto yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
Heist: The Hideaway yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
Heist: Secluded Sewers yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
Heist: Underground Sepulcher yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
The Lost Pearls yes yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Memories of Youth yes yes no yes no
The Sailor's Pipe yes yes no yes no
Thrall Cove yes yes yes yes no de-stubbed
Other Quests
A Secret Shame no yes no no no
The Dark Moon's Jaws yes yes yes yes yes de-stubbed
The Shark's Teeth no yes no no no
Into the Maw yes no no no no Empty

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

  • Banishing the Banished - journal is fucked up, i think it has some double lines right now
  • Molemir's Estate might need renaming??
  • Greenshade - Imperial Underground could use more images tho.

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

  • Bleakrock Isle - I've gone over pretty much everything there is about the isle. There are some stubs left and a bunch of NPC info missing (on minor NPCs). I also wonder whose statue is inside Last Rest, but maybe it's impossible to know! Tib (talk) 23:05, 4 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Bal Foyen - same as above, but some quests would need more details. Tib (talk) 01:33, 12 November 2016 (UTC)

Some Factions[edit]


I've yet to see that faction in game other than on the Gold Coast...

Renrijra Krin[edit]

Not created