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Any Userboxes created here are for use by anyone who wants them. That means you.

OBHealthIcon small.png This user likes hearts.
OBHealthIcon small.png This user likes hearts.
OBHealthIcon small.png This user likes hearts.
User-Aristeo-Vivec.jpg We all know this user is a god
MW-npc-Ahnassi.jpg Ahnassi thanks the gods that this user is male. He's quite sexy.
OBbsign Lover.jpg This user is female. And rather sexy. But she's still a butt-kicking editor. So don't underestimate her.
User-userbox-Invisible Pink Unicorn.jpg This user believes in the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bbhhh).

Just to get this down on paper, totally unrelated. I think Miho is Moeko somehow. Maybe she was "almost lost", in Keiji's words, when Erika split the scene. Moe was a magical girl, and feeding on emotions, with Kimiko's recent dialogue with Miho, really makes sense for a character.

Editors List[edit]

Okay, here's my current list of who's on the list. If you aren't yet here, leave a quick note on my talk page. Next story will probably be out after my winter break.

  • Robius Herbius, Imperial
  • Nephele, Altmer
  • Lurlock, Redguard
  • Eshe, Redguard
  • Hermit Dave, Breton
  • Wylliam Walrus, Nord
  • War-with-Rats, Argonian
  • Gaebrial, Bosmer
  • Vesna, Nord
  • Yeheshua, Dunmer
  • Rowan the Guild's-knight, Bosmer
  • Victorius, Imperial
  • Bast'yan, Khajiit
  • Kazak gro-Ipraw, Orc
  • Hecerinde, Altmer

Note to Self[edit]