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Hey i'm Sketchy77, new user to UESP wiki. I have been using the wiki for awhile, but now I've joined and i'm going to start to edit.

About Me[edit]

OB-icon-misc-Quill.png This user writes fanfiction.

That's right I write fan-fiction in a way. Basically i plan to spend most of my time in the Roleplaying section of the wiki.

User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.

Yeah I love Oblivion and i have a great mass of knowledge about it.

MaleIcon.png This user is male.

That's right i'm a male imperial/human.

Flag Australia.png This user is from Australia.

I come from the land Down Under.

This user REALLY likes cheese. Cheese Wedge.jpg

It's a world necessity.

My Characters[edit]

Arcanus Magi

Arcanus is a Breton Arch-Mage, and he was born under the Mage. His story remains untold, but i will tell it soon.

Evarr Shaddr Ow

Evarr is a Khajiit Shadowblade and he was born under the Thief. His story remains untold, but i will tell it soon.

Jack NoName

Jack's origin is currently a mystery, but the secret is known by few and will be uncovered within time.

Azak gro-Uzgash

Azak is a Orc Gang Member and his birth is not known. He recently escaped from jail and met the Emperor. He doesn't care though.

My Pages[edit]

User:Sketchy77/Roleplaying Ideas