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I've just recently started playing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and I must say that I am completely shocked by how much content is in the game! I've only been playing the game for about forty hours so far, but I've already completed the entire Knights of the Nine quest arc, as well as lots of other miscellaneous quests here and there. My favorite type of character is a heavy armor physical fighter that has enough magika to cast some of the more deadly spells (in essence, a spell-casting heavy armor warrior :))

Character statistics[edit]

So far, my character is Level 43 with the following:

  • Master in Armorer
  • Master in Acrobatics
  • Master in Heavy Armor
  • Master in Alchemy
  • Master in Light Armor
  • Master in Blade
  • Currently has several full armor sets, including full Daedric, full Glass, Lich King's armor set
  • I would say that my character is both a Shadowknight as well as a Divineknight. He is both good and evil. He mostly runs around, clearing dungeons, gathering alchemical ingredients and making a lot of potions. He also has a major interest in great heavy armor sets that aren't overpowered.

Other statistics[edit]

  • Current fame:65ish
  • Current infamy: 1
  • Current playtime: 112 hours, 37 minutes

Plugins used[edit]

  • I currently use the following plugins:
    • Tamraelic Ingredients
    • Lich King's Armor
    • Frostmoure Sword
    • Lost Paladins of the Divine
    • Qarl's Harvest
    • pale_rider's Relics of Divine something or another
    • The Butcher
    • Several others

Modding plans[edit]

I am currently working on a mod that adds mushrooms that are used in Tamraelic Ingredient's mods around places in Oblivion.

Other information[edit]

Feel free to email me if you need anything....I know quite a bit about Oblivion, as well as a fair amount about Morrowind.

Cheers :)