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My name is Paramecium as is blatantly stated above. I love the Elder Scroll series. I come to this website for all of my questions. I love to RP. I hate Alyid Ruins, but I love Alyid history. If I was in The Elder Scrolls, I would be an Argonian. The Thieves Guild is my favorite guild, but this is not to discredit the Dark Brotherhood. I hate Dunmer. I love you =D

... This user is in the dark corner of your room.


Yeah, my name is based after microscopic organisms. Anyways, about me. I got into Oblivion years ago but didn't find this place until like last year. It's a sic site, especially the RP stuff, cause I enjoy that XD. Sometimes I like to leave my real life behind, and live somewhere else for a few hours.

Speaking of real life, in real life I play Guitar(4 years), Bass(4 years), Drums(9 years), Vocals(since I was born), and currently working on learning Keys(no years). I particularly enjoy Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Metal, and Metal.

Wiki Information[edit]

Why am I here?[edit]

Well, not only do I adore Oblivion, but I love learning all about Tamriel, which is why I come here. I don't contribute much because I am but a scholar, still learning about it all. I am also an avid player of the rest of TES series, as well =)

What I want to learn[edit]

Everything about Tamriel.

Why did I correct you?[edit]

I am a grammar/spelling freak. So when it comes to an (un)official page about something and I spot a grammar or spelling mistake, I will change it =p.

My Oblivion Characters[edit]

As an obsessed RP'r, I have quite a few characters. Here I will name my top favorites.

Sur-Lo-Sol: Although taking the form of a very dark Argonian, Sur-Lo-Sol is actually half deity, who serves as Sithis' right hand man. Because Sithis cannot enter the realm where Tamriel is located, he uses Sur-Lo-Sol to keep a watchful eye over it all. It wasn't until after over 400 years of watching over, Sur-Lo-Sol was instructed to take control of the Mages Guild. He remains undercover in the Mages Guild hoping to someday become Arch-Mage, and thus gain control of all magical items in Cyrodiil, and find the way to bring Sithis to the realm.

Sur-Lo-Sol is a master of all forms of magic use, in particular Conjuring, Destruction, and Mysticism. he is usually in a black robe, complete with the infamous black hood, although since his taking cover in the Mages Guild, he has been seen in the guilds issued robes. Sur-Lo-Sol resides in Deepscorn Hollow, where he has an alter in which he can pray and speak with his master. His age is unknown, but it is thought that he is actually older than Sithis himself. Fun Fact:"Sur-Lo-Sol" comes from game Diablo II, in which case the three runes 'Sur', 'Lo', and 'Sol' create 'Dragon'. I'll post more later