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Aspiring but Inert[edit]

After chancing upon the UESP Wiki, and having derived so much value from it's existence since early January 2007, I felt it was time to contribute and give something back. The flexible nature of my current "work" (i use the term loosely) has allowed me to get more involved.

First Time Wiki Editing[edit]

It's been a joy to start out - I look forward to learning as I go, but trying to ensure I don't stray to far from the established protocols of editing.

I followed the pattern "hesitation wounds" with a few minor edits and dissecting how things are structured. I've learnt rapidly thanks to the excellent editors and contributors here.

on revision - no more editing whilst at work, i'm getting RSI from alt-tabbing and making some cruddy slipups.

Oblivion - awesome...makes me covet a new video card...[edit]

As for Oblivion proper - ooooh been playing since early January 2007 - a pleasant aside whilst in country Victoria in Australia, made a change from rabbit and fox hunting, microbrewery tours, buffalo pies, country sandscrape golf and overpriced bakery items from the Beechworth (ripoff) Bakery.

Morrowind was a previous enjoyment and I must say the newer interface and general dumbing down of certain aspects was disappointing, but i knew the fine fine modding community would fix that, tres bon!

Help me help you[edit]

If you have suggestions, tips, recipes for the perfect brioche, creative ideas for shaving my tabby cats - feel free to leave them. differ little in clear, simple ideas[edit]

...qu'ils mangent de la brioche - mmmm...brioche...