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im LuciusZelgius(Alec)..and i use this site because the TES is my favorite game series, since i joined ive made a few edits and one failed page...i prefer to stick to oblivion, shivering isles,everything to do with them both(including official mods), and morrowind but i have played part of both expansions for it but havent finished yet because i just got them..i really like the bloodmoon expansion and i think the tribunal expansion is to hard for my current character who is only level 17 with 100+ in game on my GoTY save while my regular morriwnd save file has 22 in game days and hes level 24..i know sad right?..but yeah ill be playing those for a while.... As for my name "Lucius Zelgius" i use it pretty much every site i become a member main character in Oblivion is Lucius Zelgius, lvl: 46, Class: Specialist, Race: Imperial...he has quite a back story which i have posted. I have been working on my spelling. i am a regular at the bethesda forums. ill post more stuff sooner or later. im a member of the vault(fallout wiki) not that it matters here..but ive learned a lot doing edits there(because fallout 3 is relativly new)so ioll be able to particape in this wiki with more experience(as mentioned below)so yeah....

Okay ive been gone for a couple months now...and im back with more experience on ill be able to help out more instead of making pointless edit like i did before....i removed myself from the oblivion redisign project...because i learned soon after trying to do a walkthrough for an undead dungeon...that it is not my cup of much better a Cataloging stuff Npcs do...

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Favorite Npcs(Mainly argonians on this part)[edit]






Favorite Npcs(non argonian oblivion+mods)[edit]

Lucien LaChance


Morag Tong Assassin

Istirus Brolus


The Hand-To-Hand trainer in Anvil

Sir Carodus

Sir Lathon

Sir Thedret

Shivering Isles Favorite Npcs[edit]






Lucius Zelgius, Story (The Only known facts about him, the rest is shrouded by secrecy)[edit]

Lucius Zelgius, Male, Imperial, Assassin(Specialist), Speciality: Short Swords, Age: Unknown, Birthsign: Lord, Month: First seed.

Lucius Zelgius, born in a farmhouse in the region which is now known as the Jerall Mountains in the province of Cyrodiil, during the time of the reman empire. At the age of 8 or 10 his parents were killed by Vampires(thus provoking his hatred of them) he was hiding in the barn when they killed his parents the next morning he killed them with bow and a shovel. After Avenging his parents death he simply became a hunter untill the age of 13 when he joined the infamous thieves(morrowind branch)guild he became a bit of an expert in the art of lock picking. But three years later he was expelled for killing to many 'house guards', and hasnt made dealing with that branch of the guild since. He had found a new calling...Assassination, he was hired by various employers ranging from Army captains to nobles to druglords to farmers, in his mind Assassination was simply a buisness..a buisness he was good at. He always saw the odds in his favor, he was good at picking locks so he could get into locked areas, he was good at wielding shortswords so he could kill his target fast and easy. At the age of 29 and well known, during that year he was given assignment to kill a heavily guarded camonna tong kingpin, it was simple enough to him he got infiltrated a party the kingpin was throwing and killed him but during his excapse he was hit by an arrow in the chest he was able to escape though and make it back to the camp he was hiding out at he attempted to treat his wounds but failed and right when he was about to die he was visited by Mephala who granted him immortality because of his skill in assassination..he never ages he can only be killed in combat..he has operated in the shadows ever since.