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Home City Seyda Neen
Location Outside
House Fargoth's House
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Level 2 Class Commoner
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health 41 Magicka 82
Fargoth, Seyda Neen

Fargoth, a Bosmer commoner, is a man rather down on his luck living in the town of Seyda Neen. It is not entirely clear what he does for a living, but it is clear he has a poor financial situation. Not only is he overdue with his taxes[1], he is also a favorite target of the local legionnaires who harass him and shake him down for his money and valuables once a week. Most people in town seem to hold him in low regard, calling him a "sneak" and "fetcher". He is however good friends with the local trader, Arrille.

He is likely the first person you will encounter after completing the tutorial. When you first talk to him he will greet you with: "Are you the one that boat dropped off? Odd to see a boat arrive at that time of the day. Hope the Imperials treated you okay. I swear they took my ring." if you inquire further about the ring he will elaborate: "I swear one of the Guards has it. I had it last week before their weekly "Let's shake down Fargoth" ritual. An engraved healing ring, family heirloom of mine. You haven't seen it have you?".

The ring in question is the Engraved Ring of Healing in the barrel you were suggested to pick up during the tutorial. You will then be given the choice of either returning the ring to him or lying and keeping it for yourself. If you choose to lie he will be very disappointed but will believe you: "Darn. Well if you see it let me know. It's an Engraved Ring of Healing. I know it's in there somewhere." If you are honest and give the ring back he will be delighted and name you his favorite friend: "You found it! Amazing! Thank you, thank you! You are now my favorite friend. I'll be sure to tell the others, especially my friend Arrille who runs the tradehouse here. Go see him, he'll be happy to see you now!" His disposition will then increase by 50 and he will also put in a good word with the trader Arrille, increasing his disposition by 40. Alternatively, you can try to cheat him by trying to give him another ring, but he will see through your lie and his disposition will drop 5 points instead: "That's not it! Don't mess with me, I don't like that. If you really find it, let me know." If you ask him about the ring afterwards, he will happily say: "Yes, thank you for finding it! Those guards better look out."

Fargoth's happiness is bound to be short-lived though, as the legionnaire Hrisskar Flat-Foot is low on funds again and has eye on his favorite cash-cow for some easy money. Fargoth has however gotten a whole lot better at hiding his valuables and Hrisskar is convinced he is holding out on him: "I know some of them are holding out on me, especially that little fetcher Fargoth. He's come up light the past couple of weeks when I've shaken him down. I know he's stashing it somewhere." He is convinced he has a secret hiding place somewhere in town: "I know the little fetcher's got one somewhere in town. Just not sure where yet. I've already gone through his whole house, so I know he's not hiding it there." He will then ask you for help in uncovering Fargoth's hiding place, promising to give you a share of the loot if you do.

Asking Fargoth himself about the hiding place is of no use; even to his new favorite friend he will angrily deny its existence: "Hiding place? I don't know what you're talking about! Leave me alone." He will then end the conversation and his disposition will drop by 10 points. The only way to uncover it is to spy on him from the top of the lighthouse at night. You will then catch him sneaking over to and old tree stump, which if you inspect closer will turn out to be his secret hiding place where he keeps all his valuables. After having his hiding place uncovered, Fargoth will be his bitter old self when you approach him: "What do you want? Don't bother trying to rob me. The Imperials have taken everything anyway." If you ask him about his hiding place now he will say "I don't have a hiding place. At least not anymore...."

He seems to be knowledgeable of the local geography and can provide som information about the terrain and nearby settlements: "The Bitter Coast is named for the salt marshes along the coast northwest of town. From here to the Odai River, it's rugged coastal hills, then it's roadless, uninhabited swamp all the way north to the West Gash and the Sea of Ghosts. Hla Oad is a fishing settlement north of the Odai, and the fishing village of Gnaar Mok is even farther, and both places are small, isolated, and poor. Hunting is fair, and some folks gather mushrooms, pods, and flowers for alchemists."

Fargoth wears typical lower-to-middle class clothing: a beige common shirt with a green vest, light brown common pants, light brown common shoes and a simple common ring. He carries a jug and a very small (1-9) amount of gold. During the quest Fargoth's Hiding Place, he will also carry a torch at night. After completing Fargoth's Ring, but before starting Fargoth's Hiding Place, he will also wear his Engraved Ring of Healing.

His house lies on the east end of town. The door is locked (25 points) and there is no key. The house is quite bare and has little more than a bed, a table, a broom, bucket and a few sacks and barrels of food. It seems everything of value has already been taken by the legionnaires. He does however have a cupboard containing 20 bottles of liqour: sujamma, mazte, Cyrodiilic brandy and shein. This and the large amount of cups and empty bottles on the table suggest he is quite the heavy drinker. If you have installed the official plug-in Entertainers he will also have a copy of the book I'm My Own Grandpa on his bed.

Quests Given[edit]

  • Fargoth's Ring: Return a missing ring and win favor with the owner and his friends.

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Notes and References[edit]

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