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Thanks for all the contributors for this great Wiki, IMO the most extensive and usable resource about Morrowind!

I'm using OpenMW (Glorious work, THX! ...if you hear me ^^), Morrowind+Tribunal:Tribunal+Bloodmoon+Morrowind Patch Project.

I am interested in Tamriel Rebuilt but never had it installed.

I don't use Morrowind Code Patch because it feels like to many taste dependent changes to the original game where made. Though some plain bugfixes and many nice features are in there IMO!

The only thing I really, really don't like about Morrowind is the level system for, to perfectly level up, you barely can "play" x) Though I guess that's mostly a problem of myself I think a level system that lets the player just explore the glorious world of Morrowind with all it's stories (without worrying about ending up with a half Max Life, 70% Max Attribute and 90% Max Level character) is easily possible to implement (e.g. in OpenMW, IMO best optional) and would greatly benefit the fun and replayability of the game.

I'm also contributing to 0 A.D., mainly random maps and random map generation code.

Any feedback about my edits, suggestions for Tes3Mod or questions welcome on my talk page ;)

In the hope open, community driven projects get stronger.